The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 202 - The Ill-Fated Lady—Feng Rushuang II

Chapter 202: The Ill-Fated Lady—Feng Rushuang II
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“Shuang’er, I am your mother. Of course, I will never cheat you. Although I am not sure about the state preceptor’s true identity, I know that he is very powerful.” Liu Rong tightened her grip on Feng Rushuang’s hands.
Had it not been for Nan Xian’s almighty power, the emperor would never have treated him as a noble guest.
“However, he is seeking refuge in the palace as he had messed with a powerful master. In the Cang Yue Mainland, people from the reclusive family could never lay his hand on the people from the secular world. Most importantly, they could never make a stir in the kingdom. Hence, the state preceptor could still be safe and sound, hiding in the palace. No one would dare to mess with him.”
Liu Rong did not know why Nan Xian was here in Liu Yun Kingdom. As he had always been hiding in the palace and did not allow anyone to enter the Southern Bamboo Grove, she simply could not think of any reason.
“For real?” Feng Rushuang could not believe the things she had just heard. However, as Liu Rong was her mother who loved her with all her heart, naturally, Feng Rushuang would believe in everything that Liu Rong said.
“Yes. I would not be able to know this if the state preceptor didn’t tell me. That’s the reason he could not do anything to Feng Ruqing. He was afraid that Feng Tianyu would avenge Feng Ruqing and he would lose his refuge. If the state preceptor fights back, his opponent would know his whereabouts…”
Hearing this, all the doubts in Feng Rushuang’s mind had slowly faded away.
“But the state preceptor let his snake hurt me and throw me out of the Southern Bamboo Grove.” Feng Rushuang was still biting her lip.
‘If the state preceptor truly likes me, why would he do that to me?’
Slightly startled, Liu Rong pondered for a while before sighing.
“It’s all because of Feng Ruqing. As the state preceptor barely knows you and you are Feng Ruqing’s sister. Since he hates Feng Ruqing, he had vented his anger on you.”
“However, the state preceptor had sent some people to check you out and has now understood that you are different from Feng Ruqing. He has grown increasing fond of you since then. That is not all, he is extremely annoyed with Feng Ruqing as she keeps hounding him recently. Hence, he is seeking our assistance to end Feng Ruqing’s life.” Liu Rong stared at Feng Rushuang earnestly.
Dumbfounded, Feng Rushuang’s eyes flickered with anger.
“Feng Ruqing! It’s all because of Feng Ruqing!” Seething with rage, Feng Rushuang balled her hands into fists as she growled with a low voice.
Previously Feng Rushuang did not understand why the state preceptor had hated her so much as she had never met him before. He had even thrown her out of the Southern Bamboo Grove. Now she realized that it was all because of Feng Ruqing. Even the state preceptor was annoyed with her!
Fortunately, the state preceptor was smart and had checked her out, so Feng Ruqing did not tie her down. Otherwise, who should she go after if she had lost such a perfect man?
“Shuang’er, as we can’t fight Feng Ruqing now, you must go to the barrack. When your grandpa makes another breakthrough, we will be able to get rid of Feng Ruqing, and you will marry the state preceptor.”
Feng Rushuang could feel a tremble in her heart as all the rage faded away mysteriously. She had never thought that the state preceptor would fall for her and actually wanted to marry her.
“Mother, I will listen to you. I won’t go against Feng Ruqing. I will only get back at her in the future. However, the state preceptor has upset me and had even put me in the same category as Feng Ruqing. I will not marry him before he apologizes to me.” Feng Rushuang lowered her head bashfully as she stamped her feet on the ground.