The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 204 - The Ill-Fated Lady–Feng Rushuang IV

Chapter 204: The Ill-Fated Lady–Feng Rushuang IV

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By doing this, Qin Chen could never win Feng Ruqing’s heart. Qing Zhu was thrilled as it thought that Nan Xian would compliment it for such a great idea. As long as Nan Xian was happy with its idea, he would never throw it out of the house.
A glimmer of light flashed in Nan Xian’s eyes and quickly vanished without a trace. His nonchalant gaze moved to Feng Rushuang’s back.
‘Would Qing’er be happy if I killed her?’
Not long after, Feng Ruqing’s words flashed in Nan Xian’s mind, and his face darkened a few shades.
“Qing’er told me that she doesn’t want me to avenge her. She wants to handle it on her own. However, if I am just teaching Feng Rushuang a lesson… it wouldn’t be considered revenge.” The corners of Nan Xian’s lips curved into a faint smile.
Not far away, Feng Rushuang turned her head around to glance at Nan Xian. It seemed like she was reluctant to part with Nan Xian.
At this moment, Nan Xian too, was staring at her silently. Simply no one knew what he had on his mind.
When her eyes met his, her heart thumped violently as color rose to her cheeks.
‘Mother is right. The state preceptor has truly fallen for me. Otherwise, he wouldn’t come out of the Southern Bamboo Grove to watch me leave with his eyes filled with melancholy.’
When Feng Rushuang was lost in her happy thoughts, the tree next to her fell down and pressed down on her before she could react.
Struggling in pain, Feng Rushuang’s body was covered in cold sweat as color drained from her face. At this time, a giant rock rolled down and smashed right on her bosom and blood spurted out from her mouth.
Seeing this, the soldiers behind her flew into a great panic and stared, shocked, at Feng Rushuang who was soaked in blood.
What had actually happened? The tree had suddenly fallen down, and a giant rock had appeared out of nowhere…
“Do we need to heal her first?” A soldier asked hesitantly.
“It was nothing. As a cultivator, she won’t die from this. Take her straight to the barracks. We may get ourselves in trouble if there are any delays. Master Nalan and Her Highness will not be happy then,” Another soldier said after pondering for a while.
As Feng Rushuang was badly hurt, her face contorted in pain as she spat a mouthful of blood again.
‘Feng Ruqing! She must be the one who did this! I will not let you off easily!’
Standing under the setting sun, with one hand at the back, Nan Xian’s sleeve fluttered in the wind. His gaze swept over Qing Zhu who was clinging onto his arm as he said nonchalantly, “You know it very well, how to hold your tongue.”
“Don’t worry Master, I will not tell Her Highness.”Qing Zhu regained its composure and nodded hastily.
“Hmph…” Nan Xian looked away and turned to walk toward the Southern Bamboo Grove.
Just as Nan Xian stepped into the Southern Bamboo Grove, Qing Zhu turned its head and glanced at Feng Rushuang who was still pinned under the fallen tree, its eyes were filled with sympathy.
‘This lady had actually messed with the wrong person. She was no doubt seeking her own demise. No one in this could mess with the person Nan Xian cared for.’
Ever since the snow wolf was bullied, Feng Rushuang wanted to enhance her strength rapidly. Naturally, the Iron-Blooded Troop was part of her strength.
Hence, she had gone into the palace to visit the Iron-Blooded Troop. However, she did not expect that she would end up lying on the state preceptor’s bed when she walked past the Southern Bamboo Grove.
“I truly have lost my mind seeing his beautiful face. Business before pleasure, I must not do this again!” Walking in the courtyard where the Iron-Blooded Troop was settled, Feng Rushuang reached out to her forehead as she sighed softly.