The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 205 - Enhanced Ability I

Chapter 205: Enhanced Ability I
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In the courtyard, Tang Zi was training the Iron-Blooded Troop under the setting sun. Tang Zi raised her head only to see Feng Ruqing, who was stepping into the courtyard. Slightly startled, Tang Zi walked toward Feng Ruqing.
“Master, why are you here?”
“I’m here to pay you all a visit and talk about the future of the Iron-Blooded Troop.”
Originally, Feng Ruqing had brought a bottle of spirit wine for the Iron-Blooded Troop. However, she had lost it in the Southern Bamboo Grove.
“I forgot to bring you all the spirit wine…” Feng Ruqing forced a smile in embarrassment.
“Master, the spirit wine you gave us last time was really something. Even though it was not powerful enough for us to make a breakthrough, our strength has been greatly enhanced,” Tang Zi said with a smile on her face.
“That’s great. Tang Zi, even though Liu Yun Kingdom looks peaceful on the surface it is in actual fact chaotic both inside and outside the kingdom. The Iron-Blooded Troop shouldn’t just settle down in the palace.” Tang Zi’s expression grim, and the smile slowly faded away.
“I have thought of the things that you have said before, and I have since sent a few people out of the palace to gain some experience and training.”
Without a real battle, even an almighty power would slowly be depleted.
“No, that’s not what I meant. I am saying that every one of you needs to get out of the palace.”
Stunned, Tang Zi stared straight into Feng Ruqing’s face—the face that she could not be more familiar with.
“Master, even though Master Nalan and Master Qin has attained Spirit Warrior tier, I am afraid that we should not just leave the palace. As you have said, the whole kingdom is chaotic both inside and outside the kingdom.”
As Tang Zi had promised Empress Nalan that she would protect the emperor and princess with her own life, she could never leave the palace, especially not now.
“Tang Zi, Liu Yun Kingdom would be just fine with my grandpa and Master Qin, guarding the kingdom. You have to get out of here and should only return if you have attained Spirit Warrior tier. Moreover, you cannot even protect yourself with your current strength. Let alone protect my father and me,” Feng Ruqing furrowed her brows as she said earnestly.
“Your servant understands.” Tang Zi sank into silence and looked up to Feng Ruqing after a while.
It was true that Tang Zi would never improve, being grounded in the palace. She would definitely attain Spirit Warrior tier if she left the palace.
‘Tang Zi, the Iron-Blooded Troop is part of my strength. My strength grows along with the Iron-Blooded Troop. Hence, I would get the snow wolf to lead you all into the Forest of Spirit Beasts. However, you must bear this in mind. You all can only stay at the boundary and not anywhere deeper.” Feng Ruqing reached out and patted Tang Zi’s shoulder.
Tang Zi was thrilled when she heard Feng Ruqing’s words. She broke into a bright smile. Her eyes flickered with joy.
“Master, I will not let you down.”
“Listen! All of you, except the snow wolf, must not return to the city without making a breakthrough. I will get a lot of spirit wine ready for you all. It will increase the speed for a breakthrough.”
‘A lot of spirit wine? Master has a lot of spirit wine?’ Tang Zi was lost in wonder, but she did not ask any further. Her eyes were brimming with radiating vigor like some glittering stars.
“Master, don’t worry. We will never let you down!” Tang Zi balled her fists forcefully. Her voice resonated in the air for a long while before it faded.