The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 207 - The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier I

Chapter 207: The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTan Residence courtyard.
In the quiet courtyard, there was only anguished wailing. It was like a sharp needle stabbing at Liu Yuchen’s heart ruthlessly.
He was extremely heartbroken and devastated, looking at the closed door of the room with guilt in his eyes.
Finally, he pushed the door open and slowly stepped into the room.
On the bed in the room was Tan Shuangshuang lying on her stomach. Her back was soaked with blood as it kept seeping out from the wounds. She looked like a lifeless doll, as pale as a white sheet, looking pathetic and miserable.
Tan Shuangshuang sensed someone standing at her door. Her eyelids barely moved, but she could not close her eyes. Her corners of her lips turned into a sneer.
“Shuang’er…”Liu Yuchen was heartbroken to see his beloved woman suffering. He gasped in pain. “I am sorry. I am really…sorry…”
Tan Shuangshuang closed her eyes, her apathy was well-hidden underneath. When she opened her eyes again, there was no more indifference and hatred but only grief.
“Yuchen, why have you only visited me now after so many days?”
Liu Yuchen was startled. He did not know how to explain to Tan Shuangshuang that his father had prohibited him from coming to the Tan residence. He was worried that they would be dragged into the hot water because of the Tan family.
Moreover, his father had attempted to force him to marry Feng Ruqing, that wicked and malicious woman, again.
Liu Yuchen had sworn to himself that he would choose death rather than marrying that woman again. He pledged not to disappoint the woman who loved him more than her own life.
“Shuang’er, the Liu family… Something happened at home, so it has hindered me for a while. I have come a little later to see you.” Liu Yuchen walked to Tan Shuangshuang’s bed and caressed her soft hair gently. He looked down to see her clothes soaked in red blood, and the sight pained him again. “You have suffered a lot.”
Shuang’er would not suffer such an injury if it was not because of him. In fact, Feng Ruqing would not treat Shuang’er this way if it was not because of him too.
He was the one who had caused Shuang’er’s suffering so he would never disappoint her in his life ever again!
“I do feel wronged, but my grief does not come from enduring two hundred plank punishment for you and your mother. I feel sorry for myself. Look at how far I am willing to sacrifice myself for you, but you are only visiting me today.” Tan Shuangshuang mocked her own foolishness with a pathetic laugh. Her eyes were full of tears. “Liu Yuchen, I love you with my whole life, but you treat me like this in return!”
Liu Yuchen quickly held Tan Shuangshuang’s hands as the words really pained him. His handsome face turned into a frown.
“Shuang’er, I know I am useless. I have let you suffer this pain. I promise you that I will never let other people bully you again in the future!”
In this lifetime, Shuang’er was the only woman who had loved him with her life.
Feng Ruqing kept on saying that she would only marry him, but she had humiliated him in public. Moreover, she had fallen into another guy’s embrace in such a short time!
He would definitely take revenge for his shame and humiliation!
Tan Shuangshuang tried to sit up, but she felt the unbearable pain once she moved even just a little. She gasped in pain and lay down again.
Liu Yuchen panicked. “Shuang’er, your injury is too severe. It is better if you don’t move around too much for now. By the way, where is the physician? Why isn’t any physicians here to treat your wound?”
Tan Shuangshuang sneered coldly and looked down at herself.
Everything changed after the Tan family was in trouble. Those physicians who used to attach themselves to the Tan family had left once they had heard about it. Even though her family tried to hire a physician from outside, nobody was willing to treat her injury after they found out that she had angered the princess.
However, there was no need for Liu Yuchen to know about this matter.
“The princess has given a command to prohibit anyone from giving me treatment. If any physician disobeys her wish, she would kill the person. I am not willing to see any innocent people die because of me, so I have asked them to leave.”