The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 208 - The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier II

Chapter 208: The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier II
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The last string held to his temper snapped. His anger was burning up to his head.
Liu Yuchen’s eyes were red with rage. His clenched his fists, and his blue veins started to pop up around his face.
“‘Feng Ruqing! Never thought that she is such a vile woman!”
Comparing Feng Ruqing and Shuang’er…
The first one was the infamous malevolent and ruthless woman, while the latter was a naive and innocent sweetheart.
He could not fathom this. How could a person be so malevolent to this extent? Shuang’er had never done anything bad, but Feng Ruqing kept putting her in trouble! Did she intend to force Shuang’er to take her own life?
“Shuang’ er. I will never let anything happen to you. I will get someone to treat your injury later. After you have recovered, I promise to bring you to dine at Paramount. I heard they have come up with a new herbal dish recently. It can help in healing so it must be good for your recovery.”
However, the herbal dish was not cheap at all. For Shuang’er’s sake, he was willing to spend a fortune for her. All sacrifice was worth it when it came to Shuang’er.
It was such a pity that Paramount’s herbal dish not allowed for takeaway. Otherwise, he would not have come empty-handed today.
Suddenly, it was silent in the room.
After a moment of silence, Tan Shuangshuang finally opened her mouth. Her miserable tone stabbed Liu Yuchen’s heart with every word she uttered.
“Yu Chen, how good would it be if… you did not pursue me at the very beginning? Then I would never annoy the princess. Nobody is willing to treat my injury, and even my father is terminated from his service now,” Tan Shuangshuang laughed sadly to herself. “Perhaps, I should have been more conscious about my status. After all, she is a princess. She still has His Majesty to side her despite all her wrongdoings.”
Liu Yuchen was startled upon hearing those words from her. He never expected her to say something hurtful like this.
What she said was true. He was indeed a burden to Shuang’er. If he did not pursue her before this, then Shuang’er would not suffer from so many misfortune and pain and even cause Grand Tutor Tan to lose his job.
Everything was his fault!
Liu Yuchen felt even more guilty when he thought about it. He clenched his fists tightly, but no words came out of his mouth.
“Since my father holds no position now, I am sure that Chancellor Liu will not allow us to be together…” Tan Shuangshuang lowered her gaze and smiled sadly. “It is alright, I do not care about it anymore. Everything is my fault. I have to bear the consequences.”
Liu Yuchen quickly stopped her and grabbed her hands with both his hands. His eyes were red with emotion as he swore to her, “You have sacrificed so much for me. There is no other woman who loves me as dearly as you do. I will definitely marry you, and you shall be my wife.”
If other women were put in this situation, she would definitely hate him for choosing his mother over her.
However, only Shuang’er would always put him over herself. She would sacrifice herself for his sake.
How was it possible for him to find another perfect woman like Shuang’er and let her down?
No matter who was against his wish, it would never stop him from marrying Shuang’er!
Tan Shuangshuang turned away from Liu Yuchen. She refused to look at his face. “I heard that Chancellor Liu did not allow you to leave the manor. He even… forced you to marry the princess. If the princess loves you, do you think I still stand a chance?”
Liu Yuchen frowned a little and uttered with little hesitation, “She already has the state preceptor, and she won’t bother me again.”
Tan Shuangshuang sneered mockingly. “Yuchen, have you ever wondered why the state preceptor has fallen in love with the useless princess? She is just abusing her power as a princess to force him into this. She has only one objective, which is showing off to you. She wants to prove to you that she can still attract other guys so you will pay more attention to her…”
“However, I don’t blame her. Love makes people blind. It is normal for her to play tactics in order to get you,” Tan Shuangshuang spoke sadly while lowering her gaze. Her eyelashes trembled with tears.