The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 210 - The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier IV

Chapter 210: The Breakthrough to True Warrior Tier IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAt this moment, Feng Ruqing realized that something was going on with the sword in her hand.
This was the sword she had cheated off Fu Chen previously. It looked like an ordinary sword and that there was nothing special about it. She had never used this sword because she could not even pull it out of its scabbard.
However, she noticed something obvious about the sword. Previously, it was grayish and dull, but it seemed a bit shiny now. Even the dragon crafted on the sword blade looked more alive.
Feng Ruqing rubbed her eyes repeatedly as she was worried that it was merely her illusion.
She found that the sword was indeed different. It was not dull and bleak. There was a hint of greenish shine.
Realizing the changes that had happened to her sword, Feng Ruqing was very excited to pull out the sword from its scabbard with full force. However, the sword was still very heavy for her. She could not remove it at all.
“Perhaps, I am overthinking.” Feng Ruqing’s face darkened. She could not do anything about it. “This sword can only be used as Fu Chen’s food. Too bad that there is no other way to use it.”
Especially when it was a heavy sword. It was very inconvenient for her to carry it around.
If only… she could find a place to hide it.
After all, even though it was not useful to her, she could still feed it to Fu Chen. So, she must keep it somewhere safe.
Just as she was thinking about this, the sword suddenly emitted a bright light and disappeared from her hand…
Feng Ruqing was dumbfounded.
Where was her sword?
Without waiting for her to ask Fu Chen, she was pulled by a sudden mysterious force.
She knew that Fu Chen was calling for her, so she did not fight it. The force brought her into the medium.
Once she entered the medium, Feng Ruqing saw the long sword lying quietly on the floor. Her face went dark before she lifted Fu Chen, who was standing beside her. She questioned him, “What? Fu Chen, how can you take back something that you have already given away, huh?”
Fu Chen rolled his eyes and explained, “The old medium could suck in things from outside. Otherwise, Qing Han and I could not keep Divine Herbs Sect in here in the first place. However, it might not work this way anymore…”
He then pursed his lips and continued, “So, once you take anything out from this medium, there’s no way to bring it in again.”
Of course, Feng Ruqing was an exception herself.
Feng Ruqing was puzzled as she squinted. “What happened just now?”
“I am not sure too. I only know that this medium has somehow changed after you have managed to reach True Warrior tier. Now, it can function like before where it can store things from outside, like a giant pouch bag.”
In ancient China, pouch bags did exist, but there were not many of them. Even Feng Ruqing as the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom did not own one.
If this were really virtual storage like a pouch bag, it would be much more convenient for her later on.
At least… she could store many things in this medium, so she did not have to carry heavy belongings all over the place.
Feng Ruqing rubbed her chin as she had an idea. “This medium contains higher spiritual qi compared to the outside world. If I cultivate the spirit herbs here, will it be more productive with less effort?”
Fu Chen agreed and nodded. “You can bring things in from outside, so it applies to the spirit herbs as well.”
“What about the spirit beasts?”
She had little time to cultivate the spirit herbs.
“No, it doesn’t work like that at the moment. Currently, this medium only manages to store living things, which do not have intelligence. Spirit beasts have intelligence, so they are unable to come here.” Fu Chen shook his head while explaining the situation to her.
‘It does not work for the time being… It also means that … Perhaps it could work in the future?’
“Since this is the case, I will make use of this medium for myself. Let the spirit beasts conquer the back hill.”