The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 211 - Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited I

Chapter 211: Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationQin Huai Riverside.
Paramount was indeed the first restaurant in Liu Yun Kingdom. The number of customers was high. Recently, there was the selling of herbal dish in Paramount. It was not only delicious, but it could also heal illnesses too.
Therefore, Paramount had made a rule that a person could not enter Paramount if the person did not have enough money to spend.
Soon, Paramount became a place only for nobles.
Even so, there were a lot of customers who came to Paramount from all over the place just for the sake of the herbal dish.
Tan Shuangshuang stood in front of Paramount. Her eyes were drooping. She had not recovered from her injuries yet, and she needed others’ help to walk.
Her face still went pale with pain whenever she took a step. Her cold sweat ran down endlessly.
“Yuchen, you have snuck out of the Liu manor today just to bring me here for the herbal dish. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?” Tan Shuangshuang bit her lip, her eyes were filled with worries.
It seemed that Tan Shuangshuang was really worried about Liu Yuchen.
Liu Yuchen hugged Tan Shuangshuang’s waist with deep concern for her. “Today, my father went to the palace for some business. Hence, I could sneak out. Your injuries are healing too slowly, and they can only be helped with the herbal dish. So, you don’t have to overthink. I cannot stand the sight of you, enduring the pain all by yourself.”
‘Shuang’er has sacrificed a lot for me. The Tan family is even burdened by me. My father did not even allow me to have a relationship with her. My mother’s behavior has changed too. It is making me feel so distressed!
‘Tan Shuangshuang is the most innocent person among all the others. I cannot leave her behind. If not, I would be no different from a villain.’
“Yuchen…” Tan Shuangshuang smiled at last.
This was her first smile after the punishment.
Her smile was still very beautiful and captivating.
“Thank you…” She smiled slightly. “Thank you for staying by my side all this while. I, Tan Shuangshuang, will not leave your side too for my whole life.”
That smile and that voice captivated Liu Yuchen’s heart like a hand. It dazed him, and he soon fell into a trance.
Unknowingly, there was an image in Liu Yuchen’s mind now. It was plump and large like a giant mountain. It made him smiled coldly.
‘My father had asked me to marry Feng Ruqing. That is absolutely impossible!’
Liu Yuchen endured the sight of Feng Ruqing’s plump body before because she was obedient, and she had always listened to him. But now, he would never marry Feng Ruqing whether or not there was a place for him in Feng Ruqing’s heart.
No man in this world would not want to marry a beautiful lady.
Liu Yuchen was a normal man. He made the decision just like any other man would.
Liu Yuchen held Tan Shuangshuang’s hand tightly when he thought of this. He smiled gently. “Shuang’er, let’s go inside. I heard that the herbal dish here is very effective. It’ll definitely help to heal your injuries.”
Tan Shuangshuang nodded slightly. She smiled softly. She allowed Liu Yuchen to lead her in.
Liu Yuchen did not realize that there was a tinge of wickedness on Tan Shuangshuang’s face when he looked away. Tan Shuangshuang’s smile disappeared and was replaced with wickedness and evil like a serpent’s.
Soon, the people in Paramount came and led them in. Liu Yuchen did not reserve a place, so they were led to the lobby.
They just needed the herbal dish for Tan Shuangshuang’s injuries. Anywhere would be fine.