The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 2119 - The Past Life 44

Chapter 2119: The Past Life 44
A young girl in a red dress lay on the ground with shoulders half exposed, revealing that delicate collarbone.
Her skin was so fair, and her drunk red face made her look even more attractive.
Nan Changfeng stood up and walked toward the young girl slowly.
He then bent down and wanted to pick up the young girl from the ground.
However, the Ninth Emperor suddenly opened her eyes…
Her gaze was still a little dazed, but it suddenly became focused when she saw Nan Changfeng.
“A man? Why is there a man in my place? Where’s Dongfang Yu? Tian Xuan? Let them serve me!”
Nan Changfeng was speechless.
The smile upon his face gradually froze. He tightened his hands around the Ninth Emperor’s waist and turned to look in the direction where Dongfang Yu and the others had just left. A cold light flashed in his eyes.
However, when he turned to the Ninth Emperor, the coldness immediately disappeared and was replaced by a gentle light.
“I’ll take you to rest.”
“Go away!”
The Ninth Emperor raised her beautiful long legs and kicked Nan Changfeng in the chest, sending him back a few steps.
However, the young man’s hand was still tightly wrapped around her waist as if afraid that she might accidentally fall.
“Get out immediately!” The Ninth Emperor’s face was cold, and her voice was not even as gentle as before.
Nan Changfeng frowned and looked at the girl in front of him, he seemed somewhat helpless.
“I am a woman.”
The Ninth Emperor was slightly stunned and stopped kicking him.
She stared at Nan Changfeng and frowned as if she was thinking of something.
Nan Changfeng’s silver hair looked so beautiful. She touched his hair and stared at him carefully.
“Look at my hair…” Nan Changfeng smiled, “And look at my face. I’m a woman.”
The Ninth Emperor stared intently at Nan Changfeng, seeing how stunning he was…
Indeed, he really looked like a woman.
“Oh, so you’re a woman.” The Ninth Emperor smiled and moved closer to Nan Changfeng, raising her hand and patting his handsome features. “Are you new here? So beautiful… I want to sleep with you when I look at you.”
Nan Changfeng froze when the Ninth Emperor’s hand reached his chest.
In that instant, the Ninth Emperor’s face darkened, and her gaze seemed to carry a storm.
“Are you lying to me?”
Nan Changfeng stiffened. “I’m just flat-chested. ”
Perhaps his stunning face made the Ninth Emperor hesitate for a moment but trust him.
Furthermore, with his beautiful face, whether he was a male or female… She still wanted to sleep with him!
She raised her hand and pulled Nan Changfeng closer to her.
The two were so close that they could even feel each other’s breath.
She found out that the person in front of her was too beautiful and no one in this world could be more beautiful than him.
The Ninth Emperor pushed Nan Changfeng to the ground.
She brushed her long red dress and sat on his body…
“Beauty, would you like to follow me?” She smiled stunningly as she touched the young man’s chin.