The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 212 - Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited II

Chapter 212: Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited II
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Liu Yuchen’s facial expression changed after he listened to the prices of the herbal dish mentioned by the waiter.
“Is Paramount a robber? A blood enriching decoction costs ten thousand dollars? What about that other herbal dish? It’s just… some herbs and trotter. How can it cost twenty thousand dollars? How can you rob others’ money like this?”
Liu Yuchen was infuriated.
The Liu family was under Liu Yuchen’s father control now. Liu Yuchen could only use fifty thousand dollars. Now, the two herbal dishes had almost depleted all of his money supply.
The waiter rolled his eyes. “Young master, why did you come here if you can’t afford it? It’s an order from our elder. If Tan Shuangshuang comes to Paramount, the prices we offer would be like the prices I mentioned. If you can’t afford it, just get lost!”
“You…” Liu Yuchen nearly vomited blood from anger.
‘The people in Paramount are rude. If Paramount is not the only restaurant offering the herbal dish, I’d definitely not waste such money!’
Unfortunately, some people who had tried the herbal dish before had returned and tried to brew the herbal dish by themselves. But, they could not make it. It was either the herbs used were too strong, and it caused nose bleeding, or the prescription was wrong and it could not help the healing process.
But, Liu Yuchen did not understand. ‘The prices of the herbal dishes are not like these. Why did they change the prices when Tan Shuangshuang came?’
Tan Shuangshuang’s face paled when she heard about what the waiter said. She bit her lip hard, raised her head, and looked at the waiter with watery eyes.
“May I know… why Paramount is treating me like this?”
The waiter smiled coldly. “At first, our young master said Tan Shuangshuang and dogs are prohibited here. But, our young master said that it might disgrace the dogs and we should not let go of the chance of earning money. Then, he made this rule.”
Tan Shuangshuang’s body shook, and she nearly fell to the ground.
The person who was aiming at her was not only the elder of Paramount but also the young master who never made an appearance in person in front of the people.
‘What did I do that infuriate them, and now they want to bully me?
‘Dogs and Tan Shuangshuang are prohibited.
‘I was never disgraced like this.’
“Paramount is just too arrogant!”
Liu Yuchen was angry when he saw how pitiful Tan Shuangshuang looked. He slapped the table and stood up. His eyes were burning with anger.
‘My Shuangshuang is gentle and nice. Why is everybody against her?
‘Feng Ruqing is like this. The young master of Paramount is like this too.’
Everybody in Paramount focused their eyes on Liu Yuchen because of his outburst.
All the people who were able to come to Paramount were noble. They knew Liu Yuchen surely. They were shocked when they saw Liu Yuchen and Tan Shuangshuang.
Chancellor Liu mentioned that Tan Shuangshuang would never be allowed to be married into the Liu family when Grand Tutor Tan was dismissed from his service. They never thought that Liu Yuchen would bring Tan Shuangshuang along to Paramount.
He even had an argument with Paramount?
“Young Master Liu, you need to bring enough money if you want to bring people out for food. Are you planning to eat here for free if you don’t have enough money?”
The waiter of Paramount spoke calmly. But, an average person would not be able to work in Paramount. How would the waiter be frightened by Liu Yuchen?
Moreover, Paramount’s young master would be on the waiter’s side even if Liu Yuchen made a fuss. ‘So, what was there to be afraid of?’
But, why was Paramount against these two people?
The waiter did not know the reason. He just heard of the event vaguely. It seemed that these two people had infuriated the woman who was loved by the young master. Surely, the young master would not just forget about it.