The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 213 - Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited III

Chapter 213: Both Tan Shuangshuang and Dogs are Prohibited III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe others in Paramount heard what the waiter had said, and they could now understand the situation better.
“Hmm… It seems that the Liu family is not stable now after what happened to the Tan family. They even think of coming to Paramount to dine for free. It really disgraces the chancellor’s family.”
“They’re so daring to come here when they could not afford even a meal. Does the chancellor know about this? The chancellor might break his legs if he gets to know about this incident.”
Liu Yuchen’s facial expression twisted further after hearing their comments. He would definitely make a fuss if those people were normal citizens. But, he recognized a few faces from the crowd. He could not help but forget about what he wanted to say in retort.
“Yuchen…” Tan Shuangshuang lowered her eyes. She appeared pitiful. “It’s okay. My injuries will heal. Just go home. We don’t have to waste this kind of money.”
Liu Yuchen looked at Tan Shuangshuang. Her face was clearly pale because of the loss of too much blood. He had made a difficult situation and held Tan Shuangshuang from standing up. He gritted his teeth and said, “Just bring those two dishes that I ordered just now.”
‘It’s just thirty thousand dollars. I’ll spend more if it could help Shuang’er to recover.’
The waiter smirked. “Alright. But, Young Master Liu, can you please pay the bill first?”
“You…” Liu Yuchen’s body shook with deep fury. “What does it mean? Do you think that I’ll fail to pay my bills?”
The waiter smiled coldly. “I’ll trust the others. But, Young Master Liu, you intended to eat for free just now. What should I do if you plan to have the meal and run away without paying your bill? I can’t win in a fight against you. So, I’ll just ask you to pay first.”
Liu Yuchen’s body shook even more vigorously.
He felt that he was being embarrassed.
But, Liu Yuchen endured his anger without losing it in front of others because he saw the waiter’s smirk and the looks given by the others. He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! Let’s pay the bill first.”
‘Surely I’ll have a chance to take revenge on Paramount in the future.
‘Now, I’ll just endure it now.’
Liu Yuchen threw the silver coins in front of the waiter. “Take it! If not the others would misunderstand and think that I’ll eat the meal for free.”
The waiter smiled broadly. He took the silver coins happily.
Each silver coin was worth ten thousand dollars.
“It seems that I have misunderstood just now. Young Master Liu is really generous. You have even given Paramount a generous tip just because you want to prove that you’re not the kind of person who would eat anything for free. Then, I’ll take the money for my young master happily. The love you have for Tan Shuangshuang is true love. You can spend this much for her.”
At first, nobody realized that Paramount raised their prices of the herbal dishes because they did not notice the commotion.
Now, Liu Yuchen nearly vomited blood after he heard about what the waiter had said.
‘It’s you who raised the prices and asked for thirty thousand dollars! Now, you said that I’ve tipped you a lot.’
‘Who would tip this much?
‘What’s more important? My father would definitely break my legs if he knows that I’ve spent this much money on Tan Shuangshuang.’
“What resentment does Paramount have against me?” Liu Yuchen was very angry. He wanted to kill the waiter there and then.
‘Why do you frame me like that?’
“No. Paramount doesn’t resent you. We sincerely wish that you and Tan Shuangshuang will marry as soon as possible. Don’t just keep Tan Shuangshuang by your side for this long without proper status.” The waiter coughed a few times. He changed his arrogant behavior and seemed very friendly now.