The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 215 - The Shock Felt by Liu Yuchen I

Chapter 215: The Shock Felt by Liu Yuchen I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationLiu Yuchen’s head went blank after the shock.
‘Feng Ruqing?’
‘Absolutely impossible!’
‘How can this pretty young girl who has captivated others be the plump and fat princess?’
‘But, the two palace maids who are standing next to the girl are indeed the palace maids who had always been beside Feng Ruqing.’
Paramount’s lobby fell into a loud silence.
Liu Yuchen’s legs became heavy. They were heavy like lead, and they weighed him down. His breathing became heavy too. He walked toward Feng Ruqing in the silent lobby.
“Liu Yuchen, what are you doing?” Liu Li frowned and stood in front of Feng Ruqing. She gave a warning look to Liu Yuchen. “If you dare to come near the princess, His Majesty will never forgive you.”
“Princess?’ Liu Yuchen stopped walking. He laughed out loud. His laughter was like the laughter of an insane person. It was as if his laughter could somehow help to calm him down. “Did you say that this girl is the princess? Everyone knows that the princess is the most obese person in Liu Yun Kingdom. This girl is just plump. It’s impossible that she’s the princess.”
‘I won’t believe it!’
‘The princess I know is only a fat person. She would never be the beautiful girl in front of me.’
“Liu Li, back off.”
The sudden voice subsided Liu Li’s anger, and calmed Liu Li down.
But, this voice was a heavy blow to Liu Yuchen. ‘This clear voice is my nightmare for so many years.’
‘Feng Ruqing…’
‘This beautiful girl with bright eyes is indeed the princess.’
Liu Yuchen could not stand straight. There was a mixture of admiration, shock, and helplessness in his eyes.
He used his long fingers to hold onto a chair beside him. It seemed that he had used up all his strength on all the emotions he felt.
‘Why? She could just be anybody. But why was it Feng Ruqing?
A woman whom he had treated like a nobody and had left behind.
“Yuchen.” Tan Shuangshuang’s slender figure trembled. But, her steps were strong. She walked toward Liu Yuchen and held onto Liu Yuchen. Then, she smiled at Feng Ruqing. “Princess, congratulations. You’ve finally slimmed down.”
Feng Ruqing raised her eyes and looked at the two people in front of her.
She had come to Paramount because of business and never thought she would bump into them there.
Was it fate? Or were Liu Yuchen and Tan Shuangshuang just unlucky?
“It seems that Tan Shuangshuang is healing in a good way.” Feng Ruqing smiled. “It looks like Liu Yuchen is going to marry her soon. I’ll congratulate both of you here. Finally, you can be a loving couple.”
Feng Ruqing was sincere in wishing them.
‘Tan Shuangshuang and Liu Yuchen are a couple. They would not go and harm others after they marry each other.’
‘It’s good! It’s wonderful!’
Tan Shuangshuang paled. ‘Feng Ruqing knows what happened to the Tan family because of what she has done. Feng Ruqing even knows that Chancellor Liu would never let me in. But, she wanted to disgrace me just by saying this.’
“Princess.” Tan Shuangshuang’s eyes narrowed. “I know that you hate me. The Tan family is burdened by me. However, Princess, please do not go on and harm the Liu family. Chancellor Liu has worked a lot to achieve what he has now.”
Tan Shuangshuang’s motive in saying this was to indicate to Liu Yuchen that Feng Ruqing was a wicked and evil woman. They were not sure whether Feng Ruqing would harm Chancellor Liu or not.