The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 217 - The Shock Felt by Liu Yuchen III

Chapter 217: The Shock Felt by Liu Yuchen III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Then, I’ll just ask you one question. Did you ever see me calling after you out of my own initiative? You’re always messing with me when I ignore you.” The smile in Feng Ruqing’s eyes faded and it was replaced with coldness.
“I explained it well in the notice. It’s Feng Rushuang who claimed that you’re good and nice in front of me. Thus, I started to admire you, but soon I discovered that you’re not meant for me. You even have your own lover. Why do I still have to cling onto you? It’s you who has messed with me first. I, Feng Ruqing, am not a kind person too. If you’ve wronged me, for sure, I’ll do something in return. Why do I have to tolerate your behavior?”
Liu Yuchen’s body froze.
‘It sounds… logical.’
Feng Ruqing was not bothered about Liu Yuchen anymore since she woke up the other day.
He thought that Feng Ruqing was just playing fast and loose with him until he saw how Feng Ruqing looked at the state preceptor.
In fact, Liu Yuchen knew that Feng Ruqing did not love him anymore since that moment.
Every argument happened because Liu Yuchen had started to mess with Feng Ruqing first.
The incident that had happened at the spirit herbs shop was a good example too. His mother had told him about the whole incident after they had returned to the Liu Residence. It happened because she had called after Feng Ruqing first.
From the beginning until the end, she had never come running after him.
Liu Yuchen was having mixed feelings now. He never wanted Feng Ruqing to cling onto him. But, now that he knew that he had finally gotten rid of her, he felt some bitterness in his heart.
It seemed… that a thing which was his and was always circling around him had disappeared now.
Tan Shuangshuang looked at Liu Yuchen, who was deep in thought. She felt nervous, and she quickly grabbed Liu Yuchen’s hand. But, she used too much strength, and Liu Yuchen soon recovered his senses.
“Liu Yuchen.” Feng Ruqing looked at Tan Shuangshuang before turning her gaze upon Liu Yuchen. She smiled slightly and said, “I don’t understand at all. I’ve said everything clearly. Why do you still think that I love you? Why do you think that the reason I punished Tan Shuangshuang was because of the fact that you love her?”
Liu Yuchen fell into deep thought again.
He still thought Feng Ruqing loved him because…
It was because Tan Shuangshuang had always told him that Feng Ruqing’s hatred toward her was because of the love Feng Ruqing had for him.
Hence, Liu Yuchen had always felt that he had wronged Tan Shuangshuang. He felt guilty toward her, and he hated Feng Ruqing even more.
Now, he discovered the whole truth after he knew that Feng Ruqing no longer loved him.
Was Tan Shuangshuang leading him on all this while?
Shuang’er was always naive and kind. She would not do such a thing!
“Princess.” Tan Shuangshuang was very anxious now. She clenched her fists tightly, and there was a smile on her pale face. “I see, Princess, you’ve let go of Yuchen long ago. I always think that you have not forgotten about him because you’ve done so much for him. There were even some extreme events which you have done before. Now, I know that I’ve misunderstood you, Princess.”
The underlying meaning was that Tan Shuangshuang did not simply make the assumptions. She had those assumptions because of the extreme things Feng Ruqing had done before.
Liu Yuchen soon felt relieved.
His Shuang’er was kind and nice. She wouldn’t do such a thing intentionally. It was all because of what Feng Ruqing had done before and her sudden decision in giving him up.
Shuang’er… did not intentionally make those assumptions.