The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 219 - The Jealous Tan Shuangshuang II

Chapter 219: The Jealous Tan Shuangshuang II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationWhat if the state preceptor still thought that she was still in love with Liu Yuchen and refused to marry her? Then who will be responsible for compensating her for such a handsome state preceptor?
What a pity!
“Qing Ling, Liu Li, feel free to order anything that you like in Paramount, I’ll foot the bill,” Feng Ruqing waved her hand and said generously. She was too lazy to pay attention to the two people who were kneeling.
After all, she owned all the herbal dishes as Paramount would pay half of the profit to her. No matter how much she ordered, half of the gain would go in her pocket eventually.
Liu Li had no comment on Feng Ruqing’s generosity.
As for the previous two months, she was the one who had been dealing with the elders in Paramount. She took every prescription that the princess had given her to Paramount. So she knew well that Paramount and the princess had a very close relationship.
“Many thanks to Your Highness in rewarding us with herbal dishes,” Liu LI said respectfully.
As Tan Shuangshuang looked up, she heard Feng Ruqing’s bold and generous voice. She suddenly sneered.
The herbal dishes in Paramount were extremely expensive. No matter how rich was Feng Ruqing, she could not spend her money in such a way.
She dared to say so simply because she did not know the price of the herbal dishes.
Paramount was so disgusted with her even if she did nothing. With Paramount’s quality of not fearing the power, this vicious woman Feng Ruqing would likely be kicked out.
Tan Shuangshuang recalled what she had experienced just now as she looked at Feng Ruqing walking toward the waiter. There was a hint of spite in her hateful eyes.
“Any box room here?” Feng Ruqing was in the front of the waiter.
The waiter frowned. Before he wanted to say that the box should be booked in advance, and then… he accidentally caught a glimpse of the jade pendant hanging from Feng Ruqing’s waist. His eyes popped wide open.
‘That jade pendant… Doesn’t that belong to the young master? How… how could it be in Princess’s hand?
‘That means… the princess is the one whom the young master treasures?’
The waiter felt a chill down his spine. He felt lucky for not saying anything just now, or else, he would have been banished from Paramount.
“All the boxes have been fully booked but, if Your Highness wishes so, I’ll contact someone and deal with it to get Your Highness a room.”
“Oh,” Feng Ruqing nodded slightly and said, “What’s the price for the herbal dishes in Paramount?”
She had just gotten out of her silent meditation retreat. Liu Li had not informed her of any of the market information.
But seeing the crowds in Paramount, it could be assumed that the herbal dishes were famous enough.
“Cheap cheap, it costs only one cent.” The waiter smiled ingratiatingly.
What a joke. Even though this Liu Yun Kingdom princess’s reputation was… quite notorious, she was the one that the young master cherished. How would the waiter dare to make her pay?
Feng Ruqing was stunned as she turned around and looked at the waiter in confusion.
The waiter swallowed hard as he lifted one finger, weakly, “Or… No matter how much Your Highness ordered, one cent will do?”
“…” Feng Ruqing’s face turned dark.
She gave Jiu Ming, that kid, all the herbal dishes, and he had only sold it for a cent? How could she earn from it?
The waiter looked at the silent Feng Ruqing’s pitch-black eyes as she was contemplating something. He almost cried because it was frightening.
“It’s free. If Your Highness’s dining here, then it’s free. Please let me go, Your Highness. How can I take Your Highness’s money?”
Let’s hope the princess would not tell and complain to the young master, or else he would be dead…
“Free?” Feng Ruqing looked up and asked solemnly, “You guys who work in Paramount, do you want to make money or are you doing charity?”