The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 221 - The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? II

Chapter 221: The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe loli’s smile froze.
Those words… hurt.
She felt as if her heart was stabbed and was dripping with fresh blood.
“Little Lady…” Qian Ning rubbed the back of her head in confusion. “Did I say anything wrong? All I said was the truth, wasn’t it?”
The loli’s heart ached.
‘Please, enough. Would you shut up?’
She grunted and turned her head, arrogantly. “Let’s go, and find out how to get to the princess’s manor!”
What was the big deal if Nan Xian refused to see her?
What was the big deal if she had never met Nan Xian?
She only knew that all the people were praising Brother Nan Xian. He had a good temper, good personality; he was strong and good looking as well, the one who excelled in anything.
Especially the fact that he had a good temper, which simply struck a chord in her heart!
Also, people had said that she would be the one to marry Brother Nan Xian in the future. That was why she wanted to take a look at the girl who had attracted Brother Nan Xian. To know how she looked.
To protect her love, she immediately grabbed a passerby and asked, “Hey, do you know how to get to the princess’s manor?”
Feng Ruqing was satiated as she walked out from Paramount, and got dragged by a little unkempt thing abruptly. She was stunned at first but slightly smiled as she heard what the little thing was asking.
“I know the way.”
Lolita was delighted. “Really? Could you please bring me there?”
Feng Ruqing examined this little thing for a good while and chuckled. “Okay.”
She walked in front as Liu Li and Qing Ling followed next to her. As the loli wanted to catch up, the jolthead next to her—Qian Ning, stopped her in a hurry.
“Little Lady, this person has simply promised you. Could she be a bad person?”
“Bad person?” Lolita looked at Qian Ning in confusion.
Qian Ning nodded seriously. “I heard them saying that secular people are evil. They will catch us and sell us to the brothel, or even send us to the bad old men and make us their concubines. The more cruel thing is, they will cheat us of our snacks and forbid us to eat.”
Feng Ruqing, the person who was walking in the front and was possibly going to cheat them of their snacks, said nothing.
That little girl was five feet tall. Although her face was covered in dirt, it was evident that she was underaged judging from her height.
How much could she earn from selling an underaged person?
Lolita remained silent.
But she really wanted to see that coquette.
“Don’t worry Qian Ning, our snacks are stored inside the storage bag. She can’t get it.”
Feng Ruqing stomped her feet and kept on moving without looking back.
She knew from her memories that such a storage bag was extremely rare in Cang Yue Mainland. Liu Yun Kingdom had only one of the storage bags before. Father gave it to the imperial-mother, but it eventually vanished with all the treasures inside.
Since then, Liu Yun Kingdom had never gotten a storage bag anymore.
This little young girl possessed the storage bag, which meant that she was not of a simple status.
Such a cool little girl. What was her intention to look for Feng Ruqing in Liu Yun Kingdom?
After a while, Feng Ruqing had reached the front of the princess’s manor.
“Qian Ning…” The loli scurried up excitedly. “She didn’t lie to us. She has really brought us to the princess’s manor. When I see Feng Ruqing, do you think I should show her my power and prestige, or… should I take out all the treasures from the storage bag and show off? Will she feel inferior? Will she shrink back?”