The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 222 - The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? III

Chapter 222: The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationQian Ning nodded earnestly. “Little Lady, I heard that even the Grade-3 herbs are rare in the secular world. You can show her any of the spirit herbs and make her feel ashamed! Oh, by the way, Little Lady, try not to mention the word “secular world” when you are talking or else the people who live in the secular world will know our identities.”
Feng Ruqing who lived in the secular world, stayed silent.
It was sorry to say, but she knew it all.
Besides, it was they who kept mentioning the words “secular world”, didn’t they?
“Why are you still here?” Qing Ning turned as she saw Feng Ruqing who was standing at the door of the princess’s manor. She frowned and said, “You may leave now.”
Feng Ruqing ignored those two lunatics. She winked at Qing Ling and said, “Open the door.”
Qing Ling looked at that two loonies hesitantly as she turned and took out a key.
The door of the princess’s manor opened!
The loli was stunned for a while. When she came to her senses, she turned and looked at Feng Ruqing, “Are you from the princess’s manor?”
“Yes.” Feng Ruqing was half smirking. ” I’m Feng Ruqing.”
The loli and Qian Ning were speechless.
What did they do just now?
They discussed and talked about how to psych her out, or to… show off in front of Feng Ruqing herself?
The loli’s eyes were blank. Feng Ruqing’s words struck her heart like a fist. She was so ashamed that she wished she could hide inside a hole.
Oh dear, what had she and Qian Ning said? Those petty and ill words were nothing to speak in their absence. How could they be so unlucky that Feng Ruqing had heard it. This was so embarrassing for two of them!
She blushed, but luckily her face was covered in dirt, so people could not notice it.
To hide her panic, the loli stared at Feng Ruqing angrily. “You’re Feng Ruqing! Why didn’t you say earlier?”
Feng Ruqing threw up her hands, innocently. “You only asked how to get to the princess’s manor, but you didn’t ask me who I am.”
“You…” The little loli was getting angry.
After thinking for a moment, she realized that it was true… So, she swallowed her anger and snorted. She was surveying Feng Ruqing with those sharp eyes.
Lower True Warrior tier? That was too weak!
Her face… was bright but not gaudy and consisted of a feeling of transcendence, which was considered okay.
Bah! What okay? She was here to deal with her, not to examine her!
A bit plump but not obese. Does Brother Nan Xian like the plump kind?
The loli looked at Feng Ruqing’s firm breasts and then back at her skinny body. She blushed out of anger and clapped one hand to her bosom.
She just… just hadn’t developed completely. She was just a bit late, and there was still room for her to improve. She would definitely surpass her in the future.
Feng Ruqing looked at the loli who was tightly pressing her own chest in wonder. The loli too, stared at her in rage.
The way the loli looked at her… it was as if she was a rogue.
“Your Highness… ” Qing Ling noticed the loli too, and she recalled what Feng Ruqing had done to them before. She asked weakly, “Could it be that… you have teased this child before, so now the child is trying to get back at you?”
Feng Ruqing turned pale. Even if she liked beauties, hmm… she would not go after a child right? Or would she?
This was definitely a false charge!
The loli felt something was not right as she wanted to retort Qing Ling at the beginning. As she caught her last sentence, her large eyes turned red and flashed with anger.