The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 223 - The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? IV

Chapter 223: The Woman Who Came after the State Preceptor? IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Who are you referring to as a child? I’m already fifteen, FIFTEEN! I grow slower and I am a bit shorter, but I’m not a child!!!”
Feng Ruqing was such a wicked woman, accusing her as being a child so she could…. She could own Brother Nan Xian!
Humph! She would not let her get away with it.
“Princess, can it be true that you had really teased her?” Qing Ling was going to cry.
The princess did not only give her love to her and Liu Li, but she also… had another girl on the side! 1
And that girl was coming back for the princess. She wanted the princess to be accountable to her.
“Shut up!”
Feng Ruqing suddenly shouted and stopped Qing Ling from crying.
“Go ahead and tell me, why have you come to me.” She squinted and smilingly surveyed this loli, “If you are good looking, I might accept you into my manor.”
The loli’s eyes widened. What did she mean? Accept her?
Suddenly, the loli rolled her eyes as she lifted her chin, arrogantly. “I have decided to move into your princess’s manor!”
She had heard a lot of rumors about this woman from the beginning.
Fat, ugly, vicious, tyrannical, and also divorced by her husband…
She seemed a bit plump but not to the extent of obesity. Fat was not quite accurate.
But ugly, vicious, tyrannical, and the other rumors were enough to prove that how notorious this woman was.
But how could Brother Nan Xian like her? Why?
She had to stay until she could find out how she could attract Brother Nan Xian!
“It seems like you have nothing to say. Liu Li, throw them out.” Feng Ruqing dropped the words without looking back as she wanted to enter the princess’s manor.
The loli panicked.
She quickly rushed into of front of Feng Ruqing and stopped her.
Being five feet tall was a huge difference to Feng Ruqing’s five feet seven.
It hurt her even more.
“I’m beautiful, I’m really beautiful. I just… wanted to escape from my family, so I disguised myself. The dirt on my face, I covered myself with it, really! I can wipe it away, I’m really good-looking!”
Feng Ruqing raised her eyebrows and said, “Get out of my way.”
“No, you have to keep me. I’ll live here tonight!”
Feng Ruqing was too lazy to pay attention to her. She walked past the loli.
The loli grabbed Feng Ruqing’s… thigh.
Feng Ruqing felt something heavy on her leg. She could not remove her leg from the girl’s grip after trying several times.
Her face darkened completely.
The earth bear just came down from the back of the mountain. It noticed a little filthy thing hanging on Feng Ruqing’s leg. It growled twice and rushed toward Feng Ruqing.
Master’s thigh belonged to them. Who was that little thing? How dare it try to take away their thigh 1!
Feng Ruqing frowned deeper. The little thing was too strong as she could not free her leg after a few attempts. She did not care more and just as she wanted to walk and drag the loli along, a big bear suddenly ran over and jumped onto Feng Ruqing.
Usually, it would not have been a problem for Feng Ruqing to evade that pounce. However, her leg was being dragged by a little thing, which apparently prevented her from escaping. She could only watch the bear rush forward and grasp onto her leg…
Feng Ruqing could even hear the sound of cracking bones in her broken leg.
Beary stared blankly at Feng Ruqing as it could feel her anger. It loosened two of its bear paws and stood aside, trembling.