The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 225 - The Tang Family II

Chapter 225: The Tang Family II
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She had to do everything on her own.
Feng Ruqing sighed in relief after watching what she reaped from what she had sown for the past few days.
She wiped away the sweat on her forehead. Suddenly, she saw Fu Chen and Qing Han looking longingly at the hilltop, which was full of spirit herbs.
A sense of danger rose in her heart just by looking at their gaze.
How could she forget these two little kids?
“Fu Chen, Qing Han, if you eat up all of my spirit herbs, then…” She squinted and sounded threatening.
Fu Chen swallowed his saliva fiercely like a starving wolf. Even if the spirit herbs were not fully grown yet, he wanted to rush forward and eat it all up.
“Mommy, don’t worry about us. We need to digest after eating. After we have fully digested, we don’t need Grade-3 spirit herbs anymore. Only Grade-4 spirit herbs will work for us.”
Feng Ruqing’s felt a little at ease after hearing that.
She was so worried that all of her hard work would be eaten up by these two little kids, leaving not even one of the spirit herbs to her.
Feng Ruqing took one of the Divine-Spirit Fruits. She put it in her mouth and bit. “This medium has plenty of spiritual qi compared to the outside world. Also, with the prescriptions of making the spirit herbs, this enables the spirit herbs to grow faster.”
What was more important was…
She could plant many more of the Divine-Spirit Fruits and recruit more spirit beasts as slaves.
After leaving the medium, Feng Ruqing walked down the hill.
She disappeared for a few days going to the medium this time. She wondered if that little kid had already left.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes seemed to show that she was in some deep thoughts as she thought of that little girl. Perhaps she needed someone from Paramount to investigate on this little girl’s identity. At least she had to know what was the little girl’s intention in approaching her.
As Feng Ruqing reached the courtyard wall, a little figure fell from above her head. She subconsciously evaded the falling figure by stepping aside.
Bang! The little thing fell right in front of her feet.
“Little Lady, are you alright?”
Qing Ning peeped from the other side of the courtyard. Suddenly, Feng Ruqing jumped into her sight, and she quickly drew back her head.
Oh no, Little Lady was trying to climb over the wall…
Feng Ruqing glanced at Qian Ning who retracted her head like a tortoise. She looked down and sneered at the young girl who fell in front of her.
“Hey little one, have you come for me?”
Lolita was stunned. She had snuck into this place every day, and she was never found climbing over the wall. It was so unlucky of her to run into Feng Ruqing on that day…
“How did you know it was me?”
She was unkempt a few days ago, but she was nicely dressed up now. How could the coquette know it was her at first sight?
Feng Ruqing surveyed the loli in front with a faint smile.
“It’s hard not to recognize your height.”
“You…” Though the loli wanted to retort, she had nothing to say in time. So she bit her lip and said fiercely, “I’m Tang Yin, not some ‘little one’.”
Tang Yin looked furious. With that soft, fair baby-face, she looked quite pretty and cute.
Feng Ruqing had seen quite a number of beauties.
Be it Tan Shuangshuang or Feng Rushuang, they were both stunning as well. Or else, one of them would not have become Liu Yuchen’s white moonlight 1 , while the other one would not become the moon of Liu Yun Kingdom that was surrounded by a myriad of men.
But those two… they were no prettier than the young girl who was standing in front.