The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 228 - Mad Woman I

Chapter 228: Mad Woman I
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Behind the hill, it was misty like heaven on earth.
Behind the hill, every corner was filled with magnolias. Even the cabin looked more fancy surrounded by the magnolias.
Tang Yu walked to the front of the cabin. She stopped and her dull expression turned into a bright and innocent smile. She smiled as she entered.
“Aunt Rong, I’ve come to see you.”
A girl sat calmly at the window. Her fingers were just like scallions, long and thin. She wore an elegant, bright yellow, long dress, which looked noble, generous, and as graceful as a swan.
She frowned a little as her eyelashes left a line of shadows. She caressed the dudou 1 with her cold finger, and she looked just like a beautiful painting.
Her eyes were filled with tenderness only at moments like this.
Also, she would only be as quiet as a maiden at moments like this.
But Tang Yu knew well that this woman was crazy through and through!
“Shhh!” Rong Yan looked up. Her eyes were filled with gentleness, she lifted her lips as she spoke in a very light voice. She was afraid that she would wake something up. “Stop talking and look, my baby is sleeping. You mustn’t wake her up or else I will be angry.”
Tang Yu felt something stuck in her throat as she clenched her fist tightly.
This mad woman!
What baby? It was only a dudou! This crazy person had lived at the Tang Residence for ten years. She had been by her side for ten years, but she still could not replace the baby in her heart.
This woman, didn’t she have a heart?
“Oh yes, where’s my son, where has my son gone?” Rong Yan panicked. She held the dudou in her arms and stood up, and grasped tightly at Tang Yu with another hand. She seemed like she was begging. “Have you seen my son? Where has my son gone?”
Tang Yu was so mad that she wanted to push away this crazy person, but she eventually held back. She held Rong Yan’s hand gently and kindly smiled. “Aunt Rong, you’re sick again. Don’t you remember, your husband and your son have abandoned you? All you have now is Father and me.”
Rong Yan was stunned. “What are you saying? My daughter is in my arms, my son… my son has gone out to play, and he will be back soon.”
“Aunt Rong, Father has been indulging you, so he did not tell you about your past and experience.” Tang Yu sighed and looked at her, as if in pain. “Your husband’s family has abandoned you. That’s why you have come to our Tang family. Look at the thing in your arms. Is that your daughter?”
Rong Yan looked down. Her head was so hurting so much that she turned pale and held her head tightly. Rong Yan couldn’t see clearly. She bit her lip so hard, it bled.
She could not recall anything. She could not remember anything!
Was she abandoned? By her husband and her son?
But she did not know why she had always felt that she wouldn’t be abandoned—
“Aunt Rong… ” Tang Yu hastily moved next to her. She held her up as she spoke softly and gently, her voice warm like the wind, “Don’t worry, Father and I will never abandon you no matter what you have become and how others treat you. In my heart, you are just like my mother.”
This word completely cut off the string holding Rong Yan together inside her head. She fell backward and into Tang Yu’s arms.
Tang Yu’s bright face suddenly darkened. She looked at the girl in her arms angrily, and reluctantly held and put her on the bed.
“You have been living in our Tang family for the past ten years. Father has planted all the magnolias behind the hill just because you like magnolias. And I… I have coaxed and accompanied you for ten years. Besides me, who would call you ‘Mother’? You are so stingy that you have only given me Grade-3 spirit herbs when you actually have Grade-5 spirit herbs!”