The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 229 - Mad Woman II

Chapter 229: Mad Woman II
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“The Tang family has raised you for so many years. You have been living off our family for ten whole years. What’s wrong with handing over your Grade-5 herbs? Why do you only give me Grade-3 herbs? Are you trying to give them to your children? What rights do they have?”
“I was supposed to be the one inheriting that bag! Your so-called children never came looking for you all these years. They have obviously abandoned you, why are you so still so attached to them! My father has treated you so well, yet you wouldn’t give yourself up to him in marriage. I really don’t know how you still have the audacity to live here!”
She never wanted to accept this fox of a woman. Unfortunately, her father was too obsessed with her.
If she had not discovered Rong Yan’s bountiful treasures by chance, she would not have sweet-talked her all these while!
Certainly, she had reached the level of a Spirit Warrior with the help of those Grade-3 herbs! But the Tang family was kept in the dark. Therefore, everyone thought Rong Yan was leeching off the Tang family.
After listening to words like these for a long time, gradually, she too had forgotten how she had mooched off the Grade-3 herbs.
Like the rest of them, she thought that Rong Yan was still scrounging off the Tang family!
But then—
Tang Yu knew one of Rong Yan’s characteristics.
She could not handle stress. Every time she was stressed, she would faint. This had been very convenient for Tang Yu to carry out her work!
“Found it.”
After a round of search, Tang Yu found a jade plate and was pleased.
There were letters distinctly carved upon the jade plate: the Fengyun family.
The Fengyun family. It was said to be a force that came out of the blue sixteen years ago. In a short span of six years, the influence of the Fengyun family could be compared to those of the reclusive families, and that they were no weaker than even the Tang family.
Unfortunately, the head of the Fengyun family disappeared ten years ago. Even their own family members could not locate her. Although the family had lost their leader, they were still as powerful as the other reclusive families.
What surprised Tang Yu was that Rong Yan was actually the leader of the Fengyun family!
A few days ago, when she saw Rong Yan in deep thought while holding the plate, she sent people to investigate the Fengyun family. As she was born sixteen years ago, she did not really know what happened then.
Tang Yu was about to leave when she noticed the dudou that Rong Yan was clutching tightly. Anger rose in her. She raised her hand to grab the dudou away.
Although Rong Yan was unconscious, her hands still tightly grasped the dudou. Tang Yu was unable to take off the dudou even after using her full strength.
“What an ungrateful b*tch!” Tang Yu huffed.
Although she got close to Rong Yan for her hidden treasures, that did not mean that Tang Yu could stand her yearning for her two children.
Whatever was on that woman must belong to her!
Even the Fengyun family should be hers to inherit!
The tighter Rong Yan’s grasp, the stronger Tang Yu tried to pull—
Her fingers were chafed and bleeding, but she still would not let go.
It was as if the dudou was a representation of all her hopes.
“This madwoman, your kind heart must have been eaten by a dog! You are but an ungrateful wolf!” Tang Yu’s heart sank. She pulled out a silver needle and violently pricked Rong Yan’s fingers.
She was brazened because she knew that Rong Yan would not wake up. Every time that woman lost consciousness, she would have to sleep one whole day before regaining consciousness. Nothing could be done to wake her up during this period.
Even if she did not wake up, she would still feel pain. If she were in pain, she would naturally let go—