The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 230 - Mad Woman III

Chapter 230: Mad Woman III
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Rong Yan’s hand firmly clutched onto her bloodstained dudou. She also seemed to notice the pain, as her eyebrows were furrowed.
But she still would not let go!
A deafening roar came from outside the wooden house, sending chills down Tang Yu’s spine. The silver needle in her hand fell to the ground. As she turned her head in fear, she saw a middle-aged man with a vexed face.
“F… father, why are you here?”
Tang Yufei quickly hid the jade plate for fear that it would be discovered by Tang Luo.
“Yu’er, what were you doing!” A green vein popped up at the corner of Tang Luo’s forehead. He shouted furiously, “What did you do to Yan’er!”
“I…” Tang Yu’s eyes darted around nervously. She quickly suppressed it. She said with a faltering voice, “Father, Aunt Rong 1 has been living off of us for the past ten years, and she still wouldn’t marry you, I just… I just can’t bear it anymore…”
Tang Luo’s face was still vexed. “That is none of your concern!”
“Even a dog would guard the house! What does Aunt Rong know?” Tang Yu bit her lip. She would rather die than to have Tang Luo know about the treasures in Rong Yan’s hands.
Moreover, she could never let him know how she had mooched off so many spirit herbs from Rong Yan’s hands.
After all, there was a price to a strain of Grade-3 spirit herb. Even in the Tang family, she could only obtain a strain from the pharmacy every six months. Ever since she had stumbled upon Rong Yan’s spirit herbs, she had already swindled and mooched off thirty to forty strains of spirit herbs from her.
The price of these spirit herbs was enough to feed a family for a lifetime.
Not to mention, there were higher-grade spirit herbs in her possession…
Too bad she could not get them off of her.
“Yu’er, how dare you compare Rong Yan to a dog!” Tang Luo was furious as he gritted his teeth in anger.
“It was just a metaphor! You gave her the best food, and this alone has cost a fortune. Don’t you think she should pay back her debts? Too bad she is an ungrateful wolf who only thinks about her old husband and children. She won’t even let you get close to her! I just feel bad for you…”
Tang Yu looked over at Rong Yan. “Maybe if she loses her dudou, she could also let go of her past and accept you with peace of mind.”
At first, Tang Luo was enraged. But he felt much better after hearing his daughter’s explanation. Still, his face was vexed, and he coldly admonished, “No matter what, you still can’t hurt her!”
“But Father, I had no choice! She just would not let go of her dudou!” Tang Yu raised her face and tried to look innocent. “But you are right, Father. I will never hurt Aunt Rong again. After all… I really like her.”
‘I really like the treasures in her bag…’
“Very well, take your leave.” Tang Luo gave Tang Yu a cold look. “Don’t make the same mistakes again.”
Tang Yu lowered her eyes. From the side of her eyes, she stared deftly at the dudou Rong Yan was clutching so tightly. Reluctantly, she muttered, “Yes, Father.”
There was peace in the wooden house after Tang Yu’s departure.
Tang Luo lowered his eyes and gazed at the pale lady on the bed. With a bitter smile at the corner of his lips, he uttered, “Yan’er, I will not let you leave my side, no one will ever come to harm you in the future.”
He would never forget—how he caught a brief glimpse of the passing beauty. From that day on, the luscious figure had caught his eyes and made its way to his heart to stay for good.