The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 234 - If She’s Dead, I Want to See the Body III

Chapter 234: If She’s Dead, I Want to See the Body III

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Two spirit rabbits bounced onto Feng Ruqing’s shoulders and massaged her back with their tiny paws.
The red fox leaped into Feng Ruqing’s arms and covered her thighs like a fur blanket to the raging jealousy of other beasts.
The rest of the spirit beasts stood below her attentively, waiting to be tamed…
Tang Yin was greeted with this bizarre scene as she came along with Qian Ning.
Her eyes grew big as she pointed at the young lady sitting on the chair. She was shocked beyond speech.
What… what was going on here?
This was absurd!
Feng Ruqing looked like a noble and domineering queen overlooking her subjects.
Somehow, the young lady’s cold eyes, relaxed postures, and even the furrow of her brows hit her hard.
It was such a strange feeling.
She had never felt that way before. It was as if she were possessed.
“You’re here again?” Feng Ruqing raised her eyebrows and smiled without a care as she saw the stunned Tang Yin. “It looks like you really are infatuated with me. If you weren’t a girl, I would have thought you have bad intentions.”
The girl must have had some strong background, yet she did nothing even after being here for so long. She was persistently trying to get into the princess’s manor. Even after being thrown out a few times, she still managed to sneak inside.
“I…” Tang Yin regained her composure. Her delicate face went red. She stared at Feng Ruqing in anger. “Who has bad intentions toward you? I’m not that kind of person!”
She was here for the state preceptor. She would not have had any bad intentions on a woman.
“Oh,” Feng Ruqing replied calmly. “Beary, throw them out.”
Beary growled, went up, and grabbed Tang Yin and Qian Ning by the collar. It dragged them to the courtyard and abruptly threw them beyond the walls before returning to await further orders.
Beyond the wall, Tang Yin, a little disheartened, squatted down and wondered. “Why can’t I get through to this woman?”
Qian Ning pulled Tang Yin from the ground. “Little Lady, why don’t you just admit that you had other intentions toward her?”
Tang Yin was speechless.
Qian Ning thought she had the best solution. She continued with her advice. “Little Lady, we just need to sneak into the princess’s manor. Clearly, your seduction technique hasn’t worked. Why not just leap into her arms, accuse her of improper touching when she embraces you and make her take you in?”
“Really?” Tang Yin’s eyes lit up. “Qian Ning, how could you be so clever?”
Qian Ning smugly raised her head. “Of course, I have been reading countless books on scheming just to find a way for you to stay.”
“How can I make Feng Ruqing embrace me?”
“It’s easy! I have read from the book that you just have to feign tripping down. She will hold your fall for sure! That is when you accuse her. The book is never wrong.”
Tang Yin’s eyes lit up even brighter.
‘Tis a good idea!
She must get into the manor by any means! Even if she were to use up all her life’s wit.
It appeared that she could already imagine Feng Ruqing carrying her into the manor in a wedding chariot. Her lips curled up and eventually, it broke into an evil laugh.
In the courtyard, Feng Ruqing breathed a sigh of relief since she was not bothered by the loli anymore. A little headache made her rub her temples.
“I’ve got to sneak some magic arrays in.”
Since the little girl didn’t do anything, she would not punish her too harshly. Still, the world is a dangerous place, it is good to always be on the lookout.