The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 238 - Tang Family, Tang Shan III

Chapter 238: Tang Family, Tang Shan III
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Nobody knew how the snow wolf managed to persuade these Tier-3 beasts into joining. They had not had the chance to live a good life yet but still followed him into such a predicament.
“Snow wolf, take them and escape. I will hold him off.”
The snow wolf howled. It seemed to resist Tang Zi’s words.
Although the great wolf butler was quite cowardly, for Divine-Spirit Fruits’s sake… no, for the sake of its duties and responsibilities, it could never leave Tang Zi behind.
“Tang Zi, don’t waste your efforts. Once I, Tang Shan, have set my eyes upon something, nothing will ever escape.” Tang Shan laughed coldly. “The other Tier-3 spirit beasts are still low level; my son has no use for them. But my subordinates haven’t got any spirit mounts yet, they shall be presented to them as rewards.”
One sentence and fate of all the spirit beasts were sealed!
Tang Zi paled. She was no longer related to the Tang family, yet these people shamelessly would not let her go.
“Tang Shan, is your Tang family now a band of highwaymen? Strong-arming other people’s spirit beasts?” Tang Zi gritted her teeth. “Also, there’s a rule in the reclusive world, you are not to lay your hands on people from the secular world. Have you forgotten about this?”
Tang Shan laughed coldly. “The blood of the Tang family flows in you, yet you would not give up your possessions of the Tang family. Instead, you kept them for yourselves. That is in itself wrong; I am just taking back what belongs to the Tang family, where is the fault in that?”
“Have you forgotten that I was banished by the Tang family?”
“So what? I will tell others that you are still a member of the Tang family. Who dares to stop me, the keeper of the Tang family order?” Tang Shan was unfazed.
With each step, he was closing in on Tang Zi.
Tang Zi now had nowhere to run.
Behind her were her comrades, who had stayed with her through thick and thin!
“These spirit beasts are not owned by me. Do whatever you like to me, but do not touch the others!”
Tang Shan glanced at Tang Zi coldly, his smile grew even more cynical.
In fact, he knew from the start that the snow wolf had already sealed a contract with someone else. However, the energy from the contract did not belong to Tang Zi. But it did not matter, he had his own ways to erase the power of the contract.
Without the contractual bond, the spirit beast would be his son’s.
“Tang Zi, I couldn’t give a damn what position they hold in the secular world, but I can see that these beasts are already your subjects. With such a relationship, I have the rights to lay my hand on you.” Tang Shan was raising his hands slowly. “As for these spirit beasts, they too belong to the Tangs!”
A surge of energy shot out in Tang Zi’s direction.
A loud noise crackled and Tang Zi took a few steps back. She landed heavily on her back on the old tree behind her.
A foul taste gushed through her throat as if she were about to cough blood. She desperately held it back.
She would rather die than to give up in front of the Tangs.
Tang Zi raised her sword.
The few days of fleeing had used up all her energy. Even her hands were shivering while holding the sword.
But still, she clutched the handle tightly. Her sharp, shimmering blade was pointed at Tang Shan.
“Twenty years ago, no one would listen to me. They pushed all their wrongdoings to me. I was already injured, and yet they still cast me away from the Tang Family. I had to fend for myself!” Tang Zi smiled slightly. “I, Tang Zi, had never done anything wrong to the Tang Family, but no one believed me…”
“It happened before, and now it is happening again; you people called me a traitor of the Tang family. Now, I shall leave the Tang family for good, not because the Tang family doesn’t want me. It’s because… I do not yearn to be part of the Tang family!”