The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 239 - Weak, Pitiful and Heart-Wrenching I

Chapter 239: Weak, Pitiful and Heart-Wrenching I
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Tang Shan chuckled coldly. His aura inched toward Tang Zi. Even if Tang Zi had reached the Spirit Warrior tier, the aura still made her felt breathless.
After that…
Tang Shan raised his hand in slow motion.
The wind was coming from his sleeves, a powerful energy surged outward again. He did not give Tang Zi any chance to react. Her body took the impact.
This time, Tang Zi was unable to suppress the feeling in her throat. As she opened her mouth, blood spewed out, turning the falling leaves in front of her red.
The blood was brightly red.
The faces of the Iron-Blooded Troop members fell, before turning to the Tang family with a resentful glare.
Years ago, they too followed the empress through thick and thin, facing numerous obstacles, encountering different enemies. But not one of them made them as angry as Tang Shan.
The leader had never mentioned her backstory, and no one questioned her. No one thought she was exiled.
So much for the great reclusive family!
“Tang Zi, look at your underlings, they are mere ants! How angry they are, yet they couldn’t kill me to avenge you…” Tang Shan looked down at Tang Zi condescendingly.
“The power of the secular world is so weak, how uninteresting. You think that I wouldn’t be able to catch up with you since you fled days ago? You rats are merely being played! How laughable. Now that I’ve had my fun, no one shall escape from here!”
Led by the angry howl, the Snow Wolf charged toward him like a swift wind. The speed surprised Tang Shan.
Unfortunately, the Tier-3 high-level snow wolf was nothing in his eyes.
Thus, at the exact moment the snow wolf leaped in front of his very eyes, he simply waved his sleeves. The snow wolf curled up like a snowball and was sent rolling backward.
“Oof.” The snow wolf regained its composure, eyes filled with rage.
‘Who are you calling a rat? This bastard called me a rat?’
To compare a snow wolf from the snowy mountains to a rat! What an insult.
‘This is too much!’
“What use is a pet who try to kill its owner. I might as well kill you and find another one for my son.” Tang Shan closed his eyes. His eyes seemed murderous.
He wanted to tame the snow wolf, but he would not allow any disobedience.
The snow wolf got even more angrier.
First, that old bastard had disparaged it as a rat, now he was accusing it of wanting to kill its own master!
The master treated it so kindly, feeding him Divine-Spirit Fruits every day, why would it want to kill its own master?
“Tang Shan, the one you are dealing with is me!” Tang Zi saw that Tang Shan intended to kill the snow wolf. She planted the sword on the ground and pulled herself up. Her eyes were bone-chilling. “Also, you are not the master of this wolf, you have no right to touch it!”
Tang Zi leaped in front of Tang Shan as he was approaching the snow wolf. The blade in her hand created a strong gust of wind as she raised her sword to attack.
Gales were blowing.
“Thrash!” Tang Shan nonchalantly let out a cold chuckle. He raised his hand and let out an explosive sound. The winds from his palm hit Tang Zi in the chest and made her fall to the ground like a crashing meteor.
The Snow Wolf’s eyes were red. The master had asked it to safeguard the Iron-Blooded Troop.
Yet, it had allowed Tang Zi to be injured!
As if he had thought of the end, the snow wolf’s eyes glowed a darker scarlet. The eyes had lost their cute, innocent charm from before. There was an indescribable eeriness to them