The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 241 - Weak, Pitiful, and Heart-Wrenching III

Chapter 241: Weak, Pitiful, and Heart-Wrenching III

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These people must die!
Killing his men was like punching him in the face; he would not stand for it!
At first, the snow wolf was pleased. However, its heart skipped a beat when it saw Tang Shan furiously charging at it.
‘We’re finished, this guy is really pissed off now!’
In actual fact, it was still afraid of death…
The snow wolf, therefore, straightened its back with a carp-like motion without even looking at the middle-aged man behind.
“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!”
‘Catch me if you can, you bastard!’
“The damned snow wolf, stay if you dare!” Tang Shan angrily shouted.
But his men were almost wiped off by Tang Zi. He was not able to pursue the snow wolf and soon gave up his chase. He decided to kill Tang Zi first. There will be time for the snow wolf later.
Although the snow wolf had just reached Tier-4, its speed had somehow increased tremendously. It would take a few minutes to catch up to it.
A few minutes was enough for Tang Zi to eliminate all his men.
Tang Shan gave chase to Tang Zi without hesitation.
Who would have known that Tang Zi would start running as well?
‘She had ran away? Leaving her Iron-Blooded Troop behind?’
After all, Tang Zi was the only one who could escape. The rest of the Iron-Blooded Troop was not strong enough to break through their encirclement.
Tang Shan did not even stop to ponder and immediately went to chase Tang Zi.
As he was fast approaching Tang Zi, an agonizing shriek came from behind him.
Tang Shan hastily turned his head and saw a snow-colored wolf licking bloodstain off of its body. It was standing on top of the corpse of a Tang family member looking at him with a sneer.
Those eyes looked at him like he was the fool.
The snow wolf was now a Tier-4 wolf. If it were before, Tang Zi and the snow wolf could never play Tang Shan around this way.
Some of Tang Shan’s men were of True Warrior tier as well. He could only kill them effortlessly after reaching Tier 4.
While Tang Shan was startled, Tang Zi managed to escape a few more yards away.
His anger turned into a fit of rage. He was now pursuing the snow wolf heedlessly.
The snow wolf, after biting some members of the Tang family to death offhandedly turned in front to flee.
This time around, Tang Shan did not stop and were persistently giving chase to the snow wolf.
Compared to Tang Zi, the one he wanted to kill more was this Snow Wolf that dared to look down at him!
“Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!”
The snow wolf looked back and was terrified out of his wits.
‘What the hell is this guy? Didn’t he see Tang Zi turn around? Didn’t he see Tang Zi killing the Tang family members?’
That was not what it had expected.
‘Holy Mother I’m scared! Somebody save me!”
It wasn’t sure if the gods had heeded the snow wolf’s plea, or that the gods took pity on the snow wolf, which was more of a dog…
As the snow wolf was about to be caught, and as Tang Shan’s palm was about to reach him, a surge of energy suddenly shot out from a near distance. A thunderous boom exploded, and Tang Shan was directly hit. The powerful strike caused a shock wave to be emanated from around his body.
As Tang Shan stumbled a few steps back after being hit, the snow wolf was finally saved. It saw the green-robed young man in the breeze.
There was a striking scar on the young man’s face.
But standing next to the young man, was a figure it had always been dreaming of…
It howled as its snow-white body swooped toward Feng Ruqing.
In a rare moment, Feng Ruqing did not kick the snow wolf away and instead opened her arms up for an embrace…
Of course, the consequences were severe.
Feng Ruqing had forgotten about her reduced weight. Her frame was not wide enough to accommodate the snow wolf like she used to. She was knocked a few steps backward before falling to the ground on her butt. Her bones were almost knocked out of place.
But the snow wolf had no self-awareness. It licked Feng Ruqing’s face with its tongue. Tears were rolling in its eyes.
Weak, pitiful, and heart-wrenching.