The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 242 - Shut His Mouth I

Chapter 242: Shut His Mouth I

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At first, Feng Ruqing took pity on the snow wolf. However, that knock had made her mad.
“No Divine-Spirit Fruit for a day!”
Like a bolt from the blue, the snow wolf was dumbfounded.
It did not understand what wrong it had done to have master deducting its Divine-Spirit Fruit.
Fortunately, it had kept away some Divine-Spirit Fruits for times like this.
“Who are you people?” Tang Shan’s face turned cold. He set his eyes upon Qin Chen’s face.
To him, amongst the crowd, that young man made him feel most threatened.
Feng Ruqing blinked at the snow wolf and signaled it to stand aside.
The snow wolf obediently rolled to the side. It found a tree stump and sat down like a house dog. Its wolf tail wagged, so cute and fluffy.
Tang Shan was speechless.
‘Where has your dignity gone? Where was the savagery in your plans just now? How did this snow wolf, brimming with pride, turn into a dog in the blink of an eye?’
And acting all cute?
‘Don’t you feel ashamed?’
“Who are you guys really?” Tang Shan asked this with gritted teeth and anger in his eyes as nobody replied to him.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes fell upon Tang Zi’s pale face.
There were still fresh bloodstains at the corners of her mouth. The blood was still wet, and it made Feng Ruqing’s eyes red.
She still didn’t answer Tang Shan’s question. She streaked to land in front of Tang Zi in her red gown.
Tang Zi was confused by the unknown but familiar face. For a moment there, her brains crashed.
“Who are you?”
She could only utter these few words after getting a hold of herself.
She could not recognize Feng Ruqing as she had changed drastically within these couple of months…
Those features, that breath; they felt strangely familiar to her.
After looking at how the snow wolf reacted toward her, she had an intuition. But she felt that it was too incredible; she could not believe it.
“Don’t talk if you’re wounded.” Feng Ruqing furrowed her brows and there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. She asked Fu Chen to take out a blood-red fruit from the medium and passed it to Tang Zi. “Eat this.”
The familiar voice was like a lightning bolt exploding in Tang Zi’s mind.
Her mind went blank. She stared blankly at the young girl in front.
She probably could not have recognized Feng Ruqing by face alone. But her voice had been deeply engraved in her mind. She could never forget it.
Thus, when Feng Ruqing opened her mouth, her intuition was proven.
The young girl shining brilliantly in front of their eyes was their master, Feng Ruqing!
None of the Iron-Blooded Troop could believe it. How did the princess become so skinny in just two months?
No, she was still a bit chubby by normal standards. But compared to how she was before, she was astonishingly skinny!
Tang Zi was still in shock. She had yet to regain her composure.
Feng Ruqing did not want to delay any further. She gently placed the red fruit near Tang Zi’s lips.
The fruit was very small; almost like a grape. It was easily pushed into Tang Zi’s mouth.
She took a bite subconsciously. The sweet nectar filled her mouth and carried a thick scent of spirit flavor. The pain in her chest greatly subsided.
That was… a spirit herb?
Only spirit herbs could produce such great results.
Tang Shan appeared disdained at first. But after he saw Feng Ruqing taking out the fruit, he was astounded, even his breath grew rapid. “Is that… a Grade-3 herbal fruit?”