The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 245 - Shut His Mouth IV

Chapter 245: Shut His Mouth IV
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Feng Ruqing had attained her current strength because of the spirit herbs. However, Qin Chen was really something as he had attained such immense power at a tender age. Why did he suffer such a miserable situation?
Qin Chen swiftly unsheathed his sword. A blood curdling sword aura emitted from the sword, stirring up a gust of wind in the still air.
Tang Shan turned his body sideways and the sword slid through his arm. Blood oozed from the wound and his sleeve was drenched in blood.
“Little chap, you dare to mess with the Tang family?” Tang Shan asked as he gritted his teeth.
Qin Chen did not utter a word. He did not want to talk to anyone except Feng Ruqing. He merely thrusted his sword forward, as his attack crashed into Tang Shan like pouring rain. Even though both of them were of Spirit Warrior tier, Tang Shan could hardly dodge Qin Chen’s attack.
Tang Shan’s forehead was covered in beads of cold sweat.
‘Damn! Where did these two bastards come from? Do they truly pay no regard to the Tang family? Since when did Tang Zi got with these powerful masters?’
“Tang Zi, stop him! Don’t you ever forget the Tang family’s strength! If he hurts me, the Tang family would never let you off easily!” Tang Shan’s eyes reddened with rage as he turned around and snarled at Tang Zi.
“If we let go of you, would you stop targeting at my master’s spirit herbs? Even if my master had run out of spirit herbs, the Snow Wolf and I had killed so many people of the Tang family, would the Tang family let us off the hook?” Tang Zi gritted her teeth.
There was no difference in killing one more people since the ending would be the same. Moreover, if Tang Shan died here, the Tang family would never know what had happened in the Forest of Spirit Beasts.
“Tang Zi, Lady Qian Qian was right. You are a traitor! You have betrayed the Tang family!”
Previously, there were many young masters of the Tang family who fell for Tang Zi. Not only did she turn them down without batting an eye, but she had also worked together with the outsiders, wanting to seize the Tang family’s treasures.
Had it not been for the old master of the Tang family—the late Elder Tang Yi who had to plead for mercy on behalf of her, the Tang family would never have spared her life.
Tang Zi was such an awful betrayer. She was not worthy being a part of the Tang family.
Previously, Tang Shan had pursued her for years and had given her his heart. But she had actually turned her back on him.
“Tang Zi, do you remember Chang Li—the young master of the Chang family. You worked together with him in an attempt to take over the Tang family. It was a pity that Lady Qian Qian had unmasked your conspiracy. Chang Li had admitted that it was you who forced him into your plot. Chang Li had regretted his wrongdoings and had compensated the Tang family with plenty of treasures. The Tang family has since then forgiven him.”
“Oh yeah, Chang Li had married Lady Qian Qian.”
Tang Zi did not utter a word. She clenched her fists tightly, her breathing became rapid and shallow.
Feng Ruqing turned her head around to look at Tang Zi.
She could not find a hint of sorrow on Tang Zi’s face. Instead, her face was filled with anger and a hint of mockery.
After pondering for a while, Feng Ruqing quickly understood. She turned and glanced at Qin Chen.
“Qin Chen, shut his mouth. I don’t want to hear his voice.”
Qin Chen’s gaze was icy cold. At this time, various sword aura erupted like countless of dragons thrusting toward Tang Shan.
As Tang Zi had killed the rest of the people from the Tang family, out there in the battlefield, Tang Shan was the only one left standing in the battlefield.
Beads of cold sweat streamed down Tang Shan’s forehead. His face was contorted with anxiety. If he still did not manage to think of a way to escape, he could never escape.
At this time, an earth-shattering roar sounded from deep inside the forest.