The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 247 - The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away II

Chapter 247: The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHowever, when the three-striped tiger turned to look at Feng Ruqing, gentleness left its eyes. Its face turned wary as it roared ferociously at Feng Ruqing.
“You want me to save them?” Slightly startled, Feng Ruqing asked.
Spirit beasts were capable of perceiving human emotions. Although they were wary of humans, they were extremely intelligent.
This three-striped tiger knew that it was incapable of healing its cubs on its own. Hence, it resorted to human’s medical skill to cure its cubs. However, why did it choose Feng Ruqing?
As Feng Ruqing had always immersed herself in the spirit herbs, her body naturally carried a more potent herbs scent. Hence, the three-striped tiger had chosen her.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes swept over the cubs. One of them could hardly breathe and was more severely hurt than the others.
It was a mutated three-striped cub! Even though it was just a cub, it was actually a Tier-3 spirit beast! This mutated three-striped cub could definitely dominate the Forest of Spirit Beasts when it is fully grown.
It was fortunate that Feng Ruqing had bumped into a mutated spirit beast.
“I can save these cubs, but I need some tools…”
As Feng Ruqing had always brought writing brush and paper with her wherever she went, she wrote down all the tools that she needed before passing the paper to the three-striped tiger.
Although spirit herbs had a significant healing effect, they were doped with too many impurities. If Feng Ruqing could get rid of these impurities, she could double the results with half the effort.
A herbal dish was one of the methods to eliminate impurities while enhancing the healing effect of the spirit herbs.
The three-striped tiger glanced warily at Feng Ruqing before it turned to walk out the cave.
Bang! The door of the cave slammed shut.
Feng Ruqing was dumbfounded. This three-striped tiger was actually afraid that Feng Ruqing would escape?
In fact, Feng Ruqing had never thought of escaping. As soon as the three-striped tiger left the cave, she squatted down and took out all her spirit herbs.
Although the Forest of Spirit Beasts was huge, the three-striped tiger was really something as it managed to get all the tools that Feng Ruqing requested within the time it took for half an incense stick 1 to burn.
“Where did you get all of these from?” Stunned, Feng Ruqing glanced through the tools laid neatly before her eyes as she asked.
‘Spirit beasts can cook?’
The three-striped tiger did not answer Feng Ruqing and merely snorted. In fact, this three-striped tiger could get all these things outside the Forest of Spirit Beasts.
Feng Ruqing did not ask further but took the woods and lit a fire. She even instructed the three-striped tiger to get her a pot of water.
As the three-striped tiger cared for its cubs, it fetched a pail of water from the steam and put it before Feng Ruqing obediently.
Feng Ruqing stroked her chin as she glanced at the three-striped tiger. A glimmer of light flashed through her eyes.
‘This three-striped tiger is such a good helper. I need it in my manor.’
However, she quickly regained her focus as the cubs were crying in pain, waiting for her to save their lives.
When the water had finally boiled, Feng Ruqing took out a handful of spirit herbs and put them into the pot.
“This is spirit herbal soup. You feed the cubs with this when it’s fully boiled and they will recover very soon.”
Feng Ruqing used Grade-3 spirit herbs and these spirit herbs were a boost to the cubs’ recovery.
In fact, the spirit fruit could heal the spirit beasts. However, these cubs were severely hurt and the spirit fruit could not be taken continuously. It took them at least ten days to half a month to fully recover.