The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 248 - The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away III

Chapter 248: The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationApparently, Feng Ruqing did not want to waste so much time in the cave.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes swept past the spirit herb soup and she sank into deep thought.
“I should give some spirit herb soup to my father, grandpa, and the Iron-Blooded Troop as well. Spirit herbs are no match for herbal dish when they are severely hurt. It would be too late to cook it when they really need it.”
‘Who has the luxury of time to cook in the battlefield? I must make some spirit herb soup when I return to the city.’
When the spirit herb soup was ready, knowing that the cubs were not capable of taking it on their own, Feng Ruqing took a bowl of soup and walked toward the cubs.
Seeing this, the three-striped tiger kept its guard up and roared ferociously at Feng Ruqing.
‘If you dare hurt my cubs, I will not let you off easily!’
Disregarding the three-striped tiger, Feng Ruqing squatted down and put the bowl before the cubs. Perhaps, the cubs had not been taking food for a long while, they could not help sticking out their tongue to drink the soup. They looked extremely adorable, like puppies.
Feng Ruqing fed the most severely hurt mutated cub. Initially, it was not capable of moving. After drinking a bowl of spirit herb soup, it had quickly revived its energy, crawling on the ground, and growled as if it wanted to show its gratitude to Feng Ruqing.
Sticking out its tongue, the mutated three-striped cub licked its arm and wagged its tail. Its eyes were bright and clear.
The three-striped tiger could not help but road. Its eyes glistened with tears as it stared joyfully at its cub.
In response to its mother, the mutated three-striped cub growled.
Originally, Feng Ruqing was infuriated that the three-striped tiger had taken her to this place without saying a word. She thought of taking revenge after healing the cubs. However, the heartwarming moment between the three-striped tiger and its cubs had touched Feng Ruqing’s heart. The anger burning in her heart slowly faded.
Perhaps, it was because the three-striped tiger did not hurt her and everything it did was for the sake of saving its own cubs, Feng Ruqing decided to let it go,
Feng Ruqing squatted down again to feed the rest of the cubs.
As the rest of them were not as severely hurt as the mutated three-striped cub, they quickly walked toward the bowl and drank the spirit herb soup as soon as they smelled the spirit herb soup.
When the cubs could no longer feel the pain, they moved near Feng Ruqing and licked her to show their gratitude.
The three-striped tiger stared at Feng Ruqing with its eyes filled with gentleness. After pondering for a while, it took the mutated three-striped cub with its jaw and put it before Feng Ruqing.
“You want to give it to me?” Stunned, Feng Ruqing asked.
The three-striped tiger was reluctant to part with its cub, but it nodded resolutely.
It was true that Feng Ruqing was very fond of the mutated three-striped cub. However, seeing the way this three-striped tiger stared at its cub, she felt bad for taking the cub away from its mother.
“I can’t take it.” Feng Ruqing sighed softly as she smiled wryly. She had never felt so bad for all the spirit beasts that she took in previously. However, this time, she truly felt bad for taking the cub away.
Seeing the mutated three-striped cub crawling back its way, the three-striped tiger roared again, and its face turned ferocious.
The mutated three-striped cub glanced at its mother wistfully and crawled near Feng Ruqing with its claws held onto her feet. Its eyes were flooded with tears.