The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 249 - The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away IV

Chapter 249: The Tiger Has Taken Feng Ruqing Away IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Well…” Just as Feng Ruqing was still hesitating, the three-striped tiger took the mutated three-striped cub with its jaw and threw it out of the cave.
It was actually telling Feng Ruqing that if she did not take the cub with her, the three-striped tiger would not take it back either.
If Feng Ruqing did not behold the whole incident and how the three-striped tiger cared for its own cubs, she would definitely think that this three-striped tiger wanted to get its cub a nanny. However, she knew that the three-striped tiger actually wanted to force Feng Ruqing to take its cub with her.
Perhaps, the three-striped tiger knew that Feng Ruqing was fond of its mutated cub. Since the three-striped tiger could not pay its debt of gratitude, it gave her the mutated three-striped cub instead.
At this time, all the things that the old princess did flash through Feng Ruqing’s mind. The old princess had treated both Noble Consort Rong and Feng Rushuang wholeheartedly, but they had actually returned her kindness with enmity. Now even this three-striped tiger acknowledged other people’s kindness and felt grateful for it. Spirit beasts were purer hearted compared to humans. There were only two types of humans in their mind—those who were good to them and those who hurt them.
“If that is what you wish, I will take this cub with me. Don’t worry about your cub. There are many spirit beasts in my manor that could keep it company. I will take care of it.”
Since Feng Ruqing had decided to take the cub with her, she would take care of the cub for the rest of her life. Spirit beasts were not just spirit beasts but her kin.
In her previous life, when her brother took her out of her family, Feng Ruqing did not bring anything with her but just a cloth and a stray dog that she had adopted. She never left the dog behind, although they suffered a lot of struggles and hardships in life. Since she had decided to adopt the stray dog, she would take care of it for her whole life.
Feeling touched by Feng Ruqing’s words. The three-striped tiger bowed its head at Feng Ruqing. The three-striped tiger trusted her. The three-striped tiger gave her its own cub to show its gratitude to her, and at the same time, it knew that its cub would have a better life staying with Feng Ruqing.
“Qing Qing…” An anxious voice sounded behind her.
Feng Ruqing turned her head around only to see Qin Chen standing anxiously at the cave entrance. Then, the snow wolf, the Iron-Blooded Troop and all the spirit beasts came into sight.
As the three-striped tiger ran extremely fast, they could hardly keep up with it. Hence, they had spent a long time searching in the forest and had finally found the cave.
Qin Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Feng Ruqing standing so near to the three-striped tiger.
However, Feng Ruqing did not understand Qing Chen’s anxiety and greeted everyone with a bright smile on her face.
“Why are all of you here?”
Qin Chen flew into a great panic and rushed toward Feng Ruqing, standing before her.
The Three three-striped tiger growled as it kept its guard up. It trusted no other humans but Feng Ruqing.
“Tiger Mama, don’t frighten off my friends.” Feng Ruqing tapped the three-striped tiger on its head as she frowned.
Tiger Mama? Feng Ruqing had actually called the Tier-5 three-striped tiger—Tiger Mama?
The three-striped tiger let its guard down with a dark face.
“Qing Qing, are you alright? Seeing this, Qin Chen felt a great relief.
“I am fine. This three-striped tiger is such a dear. It didn’t hurt me.”
The Tier-5 three-striped tiger was such a dear?
‘Who are you to take my master away from me?’
The snow wolf stomped out of the crowd only to see an adorable cub clinging onto Feng Ruqing’s leg. The snow wolf howled before it rushed toward the cub.