The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 250 - Mew? Woof? I

Chapter 250: Mew? Woof? I
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As the three-striped tiger truly cared for its cub, seeing the snow wolf rush toward its own cub made the three-striped tiger roar ferociously. Its eyes were filled with murderous intent.
Initially, the snow wolf wanted to pounce on the cub. However, it had quickly lost its courage seeing the Tier-5 three-striped tiger. Naturally, it dared not mess with a Tier-5 spirit beast.
‘Pfft! I would certainly take my master back when I have attained Tier 5!’
Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes only to see the snow wolf staring at the cub with its eyes filled with resentment and reluctance, not far from her.
Had it not been for the three-striped tiger, the snow wolf could have given the cub a hard blow.
“snow wolf, this little tiger is our new friend. Don’t hurt it!”
The mutated three-striped cub would stay in the princess manor. If Feng Ruqing could not control the snow wolf, it would definitely bully the cub.
The snow wolf was struck dumb by Feng Ruqing’s words.
‘This fella who wants to take my master away from me will stay with us? It has a name?’
Although the name that Feng Ruqing assigned was not impressive, it was still a name. The snow wolf had been the butler of the princess manor for such a long while but did not even have a name.
The snow wolf was upset with Feng Ruqing who would discard the old as soon as she had something new. However, it could not bear to turn its back on her. Hence, the snow wolf stared at Feng Ruqing with its eyes filled with unutterable grief.
Seeing this, Feng Ruqing patted the snow wolf on its head to soothe its emotion.
Then, Feng Ruring raised her head to look at the three-striped tiger.
“Do you want to leave with me?”
Slightly startled, the three-striped tiger shook its head after a while as it was in the middle of something, it could not leave the Forest of Spirit Beasts.
“Alright.” Feng Ruqing heaved a sigh of disappointment as she looked at the snow wolf.
“Snow wolf, this little tiger has to part with its mum at such a tender age. You will be its daddy nanny from now onward.”
The snow wolf’s eyes widened in shock. It had actually become a father before getting a wife? Moreover, this three-striped cub was different as the rest of the spirit beasts were obedient and well behaved. This three-striped cub was truly vicious and had won Feng Ruqing’s heart.
“Snow wolf, I understand that you don’t want to be a father yet. However, don’t you think this little tiger is so adorable? Don’t you want such a lovely child?”
‘This little rascal is adorable? It’s no match for me! Master, what’s wrong with your eyes?’ The snow wolf sulked.
“Don’t you think it looks like a cat? It looks so gentle and lovely.” Feng Ruqing took the mutated three-striped cub in her arms as she asked with smiling eyes.
‘You had taken me as a dog previously. Now you think that this cub looks like a cat? There must be something wrong with your eyes.’
The snow wolf merely snorted.
The three-striped cub lay comfortably in Feng Ruqing’s warm embrace and licked gently at her face.
Everyone on the spot was rendered speechless. This three-striped cub was truly shameless. The three-striped tiger could not help but take a few steps backward.
‘This three-striped cub truly has no sense of shame! You actually did this to win the master’s heart!’ The snow wolf’s eyes reddened in rage.