The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 251 - Mew? Woof? II

Chapter 251: Mew? Woof? II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation‘Damn it!’
“That’s sweet. Little Tiger, say it again.” Feng Ruqing quickly regained her focus and smiled even more gently.
The three-striped cub mewed again obediently and buried its head in Feng Ruqing’s bosom.
The snow wolf tugged at Feng Ruqing’s robe with its claws as it growled. Tears shimmered in its eyes.
“It’s alright, snow wolf. You can learn to bark like a dog.” Feng Ruqing broke into a bright smile as she lowered her eyes to glance at the snow wolf.
The snow wolf’s eyes sparkled with hope.
The snow wolf had actually howled like a wolf every time it tried to bark like a dog.
‘How could this three-striped cub mew like another animal so easily?’
The snow wolf’s eyes reddened and darted around anxiously.
Seeing the snow wolf, Feng Ruqing burst into laughter.
“It’s alright. I was fooling around with you. It’s late. Let’s get back to the imperial city.”
As Feng Ruqing had informed Liu Li before she left the city. This time, she would not create a great stir like before.
Since Feng Ruqing had found the Iron-Blooded Troop, so she did not want to stay in the forest any longer.
Seeing Feng Ruqing wanting to leave, the three-striped tiger hurriedly rushed to stop her.
“You don’t want me to leave?” Stunned, Feng Ruqing paused her steps as she asked.
‘The three-striped tiger still needs more help?’
The three-striped tiger stroked Feng Ruqing’s feet with its head, walked past her, and walked further down into the cave.
“The three-striped tiger wants me to go deep into the cave?” Feng Ruqing stroked her chin and contemplated for a while before she continued. “Let’s check it out.”
The cave was dark and damp. The three-striped tiger paused halfway through and turned its head to look at Feng Ruqing as if it wanted to talk to Feng Ruqing.
“You want me to go in?” Feng Ruqing simply did not know what she would encounter deep inside the cave. However, she knew that the three-striped tiger would not hurt her.
Seeing the Feng Ruqing understood what it was trying to tell her, the three-striped tiger’s eyes flickered as it nodded.
“Why don’t you go in with us?” Feng Ruqing knitted her brows together.
The three-striped tiger lowered its head. Fact was, the three-striped tiger wanted to go in, but it was actually a place where spirit beasts were not able to enter.
“Are you worried about your cubs? Just go back to take care of them. I can go in on my own.” Seeing the three-striped tiger’s face, Feng Ruqing thought that the three-striped tiger was worrying about its cubs.
“Master, it’s not a good idea to go in if we don’t know what is deep inside the cave.” Tang Zi hesitated.
A faint smile hung on Feng Ruqing’s lips.
Tang Zi was right. Feng Ruqing should never get into the cave for safety purpose. However, with Fu Chen’s strength, he could definitely detect the danger that lay within the whole Forest of Spirit Beasts. Since he did not alert Feng Ruqing, she was safe. However, Feng Ruqing could not tell Tang Zi. She only smiled as she said.
“Don’t worry, Tang Zi. My intuition has never failed me.”
“Well, your subordinate is at your command.”
Since Feng Ruqing insisted on going in, Tang Zi did not talk further but stand resolutely beside her.