The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 252 - Mew? Woof? III

Chapter 252: Mew? Woof? III
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Feeling that the three-striped cub was a threat, the snow wolf was the first who rushed into the deep to impress its master and win her heart back.
However, just as the snow wolf moved further into the deep cave, a powerful force came from deep inside the cave. In a flash, the snow wolf was thrown out of the cave and groaning in pain.
Feng Ruqing was dumbstruck by astonishment and quickly understood why the three-striped tiger stopped moving further—spirit beasts could never get deeper into the cave.
‘What is actually hiding in the cave?’ Feng Ruqing was burning with curiosity.
The snow wolf got up from the ground, shook its head and crawled up to Feng Ruqing for comfort.
“Since you couldn’t get in, you just stay here. I will look for you later when I come out.” Feng Ruqing sighed as she said.
The snow wolf was growling as it did not want to stay there together with the three-striped cub.
“Stay here. Otherwise, I will not give you Divine-Spirit Fruit for one day.”
The snow wolf quickly regained its composure and stopped growling.
“Tiger Mama, please take care of my friends. Don’t let them walk out of here, it’s dangerous out there. Especially this snow wolf, it’s too wild. If it bumps into Tier-5 spirit beasts outside, it could definitely never defeat or escape from them and may end up being the food of the spirit beasts.” Feng Ruqing raised her head to look at the three-striped tiger.
The three-striped tiger merely nodded to show that it understood Feng Ruqing’s words.
“Let’s go.” Feng Ruqing turned to look at Qin Chen and the Iron-Blooded Troop.
It was true that only the spirit beasts could not enter the deep cave. Feng Ruqing and the rest had gotten into the deep cave easily.
Simply no one knew how long had Feng Ruqing walked in the cave. Suddenly a bright light pierced her eyes. Feng Ruqing subconsciously covered her eyes and walked toward the light.
When she approached the light, it turned out that the light was actually the exit of the dark and damp cave. Feng Ruqing stepped out of the dark cave without any hesitation and a lush green landscape under a vast azure sky came into sight. It was a completely different world outside the cave.
Slightly startled, it struck her that there was something familiar about this place—the medium? Right… it was the medium!
Apart from the Divine Herbs Sect building, everything in this place was way too similar to the medium.
“Master, what is this place?” Lost in wonder, Tang Zi looked at the surroundings in astonishment.
“This place is filled with dense spiritual qi.”
Each reclusive family had its own sacred land for cultivation and the spiritual qi was more dense than the outside world. Hence, the cultivator could make a breakthrough faster than usual.
Even though the cultivator of the reclusive world was of the same talent or even inferior to those from the secular world, their cultivation would definitely be higher because of the sacred land for cultivation.
Previously, Tang Zi was a rare talent of the Tang family and had cultivated in the sacred land. However, the sacred land for the Tang family’s cultivation was absolutely no match for this. This place was far superior!