The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 253 - Mew? Woof? IV

Chapter 253: Mew? Woof? IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“If I could train here, surely my training will be more effective.” Tang Zi was excited.
Feng Ruqing kept quiet.
There was a great change in Feng Ruqing’s medium when she made a breakthrough to True Warrior tier.
Feng Ruqing not only could bring the spirit herbs’ seeds into the medium, but her spiritual qi was indeed more powerful there. There was no difference from the place where they were staying.
So, Feng Ruqing learned to train in the medium instead of at the mountain.
Hence, the spiritual qi in this place was really not very appealing to Feng Ruqing.
Qin Chen, who was standing next to Feng Ruqing, did not make any comments.
For him, the powerful spiritual qi there was nothing compared to what Feng Ruqing possessed.
The powerful spiritual qi was useless to Qin Chen. Qin Chen could only train with Feng Ruqing’s spiritual qi.
“Tang Zi, let’s move on. There might be some valuable treasures because of the powerful spiritual qi. We could train later.”
Tang Zi nodded her head slightly. “You’re right. We can train later. There’s no need to rush.”
Greed would cause pain.
Tang Zi had just made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier. It was not advisable for her to continue her training without consolidating her own strength now.
“Let’s go.”
Feng Ruqing walked ahead.
Everyone knew those spirit herbs could only be cultivated with powerful spiritual qi. However, Feng Ruqing’s tactics were exceptional.
This place was filled with enough spiritual qi, and nobody had ventured into it for many years. So, Feng Ruqing discovered a lot of spirit herbs throughout their journey.
There were Grade-2 and Grade-3 spirit herbs. Moreover, there were also Grade-4 and Grade-5 spirit herbs.
Feng Ruqing still could not cultivate these spirit herbs now because she was not that powerful yet. Hence, she did not let go of the golden opportunity of picking the spirit herbs and planting them in her medium.
Tang Zi was stunned at first when she saw that the spirit herbs in Feng Ruqing’s hands disappeared soon after they were picked. Tang Zi then realized what had happened.
‘There must be some kind of storage bag in the princess’s hands. It’s not a wonder if the spirit herbs disappeared just like that.’
“Mom! There’s a spirit spring! Mom! There’s a spirit spring!”
Feng Ruqing heard Qing Han’s excited voice when she was just putting another spirit herb in the medium.
“Spirit spring?”
‘What’s that?’
“I finally know why this place is filled with powerful spiritual qi. It’s because of the existence of spirit spring. This place had become a spirit spring. Mom, spirit spring is a good thing. If you use it to take a bath, your strength could be improved.”
Feng Ruqing’s eyes brightened at this.
This place was filled with sufficient spiritual qi. If she allowed Tang Zi and her troops to train here, they might gain more strength.
‘These living people can never go into my medium.’
‘If there’s a spirit spring…’
‘They might make a breakthrough faster if there’s a spirit spring.’
“Qing Han, where’s the spirit spring?”
“Walk left and there’s a spirit spring three hundred meters away. You can take a bath there.”
Feng Ruqing was all smiles after she knew the location of the spirit spring.
‘It’s good to have an obedient daughter.’
‘It seems that I need to train harder and improve my strength to cultivate more spirit herbs with higher grades for my daughter.’
Now, she also needed to take care of her son and daughter. Although Feng Ruqing had always bullied Fu Chen but it was all done just to protect herself. She knew that she needed to be responsible if she took them under her wings.
“Tang Zi, Chen’er, come with me.” Feng Ruqing’s smiled happily.
‘It is not useless coming to Forest of Spirit Beasts this time.’