The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 254 - The Ninth Emperor’s Dwelling Place I

Chapter 254: The Ninth Emperor’s Dwelling Place I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe spiritual qi was even more dense when they walked further.
Tang Zi and the troops could not help but feel that the spiritual qi in their body shook with excitement.
A beautiful spirit spring appeared in front of them after a short while.
The spirit spring was white and clear like a delicious wine. There was even a shadowy mist circling the spirit spring. It was just like heaven.
“Princess… this… this…” Tang Zi was stunned, her eyes widened.
Tang Zi could feel that the spiritual qi of the spirit spring was even higher and more powerful than the spiritual qi in this place.
“This is a spirit spring, Tang Zi. Just go ahead and lead the people in the troops to cultivate here.” Feng Ruqing bit her lip slightly. “Chen’er, follow me.”
There might be something else there other than a spirit spring so she could not waste her time there.
As Fu Chen’s body was special, the spirit spring was useless to him. ‘I’ll just go with Feng Ruqing.’
“Then, what about Princess?” Tang Zi was stunned as she asked hesitantly.
Feng Ruqing smiled slightly. “I want to stroll around. Don’t bother about me. If I don’t find anything interesting, I’ll come back for the training.”
Tang Zi nodded her head slightly. “Then, I’ll just wait for you here.”
Feng Ruqing gave her orders. Then, she straightened her sleeves, turned, and said, “Chen’er, let’s go.”
Fu Chen did not say anything. He followed behind quietly.
The spirit spring was indeed useless to him. Moreover, there might be some dangers. ‘I’ll not worry so much if I stay beside Qing Qing.’
“Mommy, mommy, there might be something valuable which can help to cultivate the spirit spring. Moreover, it might be near the spirit spring. You can just follow the trail of the spirit spring, and you’ll find it.”
Qing Han’s cute and energetic voice circled around Feng Ruqing’s soul.
‘Yes. Qing Han’s more obedient compared to Fu Chen.
‘It’s no wonder she’s my little baby.’
“Chen’er.” Feng Ruqing smiled and turned toward Fu Chen. “There might be some valuable treasures nearby. Help me to find them. If you find them, I’ll share them with you.”
Qin Chen’s eyes were crystal clear. He faced Feng Ruqing. He did not appear cold or distant. There was even a smile on his face.
It was like he was shy and timid.
“They are all yours. I’m yours too.”
Feng Ruqing was slightly touched when she heard the first part of the sentence. But…
It was like Feng Ruqing was hit by lightning when she heard what Fu Chen said in the second part of the sentence. Her smile froze.
“This… Chen’er, you’re my younger brother.”
It was because Fu Chen looked so much like Feng Ruqing’s former life’s younger brother that Feng Ruqing could not help but treat him as her family.
Qin Chen used his sleeves to protect Feng Ruqing. It prevented the flowers from falling on Feng Ruqing’s hair.
“Qing Qing, I’ll be who you want me to be.”
Feng Ruqing finally sighed a relief. She smiled. “Then, let’s go.”
Feng Ruqing could avoid wasting her energy in doing useless stuff after Qing Han’s appearance.
Feng Ruqing found the eye of the spirit spring after a short while.
It was connected to the spirit spring which they had found just now. There was endless white fluid flowing out of the eye of the spirit spring.
“This eye of the spirit spring might be the one connected to that spirit spring. But it is too small for us to take a bath here.”
It was only the eye of the spirit spring. It was small and narrow.