The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 255 - The Ninth Emperor’s Dwelling Place II

Chapter 255: The Ninth Emperor’s Dwelling Place II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe spirit spring was only a normal spring if the eye of the spirit spring was not there. The spring became a spirit spring because there was spirit water flowing out of the eye of the spirit spring.
“Mommy, the spirit water is used for drinking purpose. It’s not for bathing.”
Fu Chen was talking now, his tone sarcastic. It was like Fu Chen was criticizing Feng Ruqing’s lack of knowledge.
“Qing Han asked you to take a bath there just now because the spirit water was diluted by the spring water. It won’t be very effective if you drink that water. You could only take a bath there and cultivate slowly. But, you can drink this spirit water.”
Fu Chen’s voice trembled. He was hesitant.
“But… if you want to drink this spirit water, you can only do that after you have reached Immortal Warrior tier. It’s better if you reach the end of Immortal Warrior tier and you use the spirit water to make a breakthrough to King Warrior tier. The power of the spirit water is too high. If you’re not careful, you might be killed.”
Feng Ruqing’s lips contorted weirdly.
The most powerful person in Liu Yun Kingdom only made a breakthrough to Spirit Warrior tier. ‘How long would it take before I reach Immortal Warrior tier?’
“You mentioned that we could drink this spirit water just now.” Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed. “What about if we don’t drink this spirit water directly?”
“That’s simple. You can put in a drop of the spirit water when you’re making the spirit herbs dish. It will not only increase the effectiveness of the spirit herbs but it will also help others to make a breakthrough faster with the spiritual qi in the spirit herbs dish.”
“For sure, we can use this spirit water to water the spirit herbs. We can use a scoop of the spirit water for this purpose. But, be sure to water only those spirit herbs with spiritual wisdom. It’s a waste to use this water to water those spirit herbs which have no spiritual wisdom.”
Feng Ruqing did not have a chance in finding those spirit herbs with spiritual wisdom because they were too rare in this world.
Feng Ruqing stroked her own chin. “We could use this for watering purpose. What about you? Do you need that?”
Fu Chen kept quiet.
After a while, Fu Chen used a rather confused voice and replied. “We just want to eat spirit herbs. We don’t need spirit water.”
The Ninth Emperor had always watered them with spirit water during those days so that the two of them could grow so fast.
Usually, regular water was useless to the spirit herbs that possessed spiritual wisdom. The spirit herbs needed spirit water to grow.
If they had grown well, they did not need the spirit water anymore. They needed to eat other spirit herbs to grow.
However, the spirit herbs which they could eat had no spiritual wisdom. It was because the spirit herbs that possessed spiritual wisdom were no longer just spirit herbs.
Feng Ruqing breathed a sigh of relief slowly.
‘I’m only worried that these two little fellows would steal and drink my spirit water if I brought it back. But, now I’m relieved.’
Feng Ruqing took out a wine jar from the medium when she thought of this.
She poured out all the spirit wine onto the ground. Then, she put the wine jar beside the eye of the spirit water.
If Master Nalan saw what Feng Ruqing just did, he might be so infuriated that he would scold Feng Ruqing harshly. It was a waste to throw away the valuable spirit wine.
But, Feng Ruqing had nothing to store the spirit water. She had no choice but to do what she just did.
Every time, there was only a drop of spirit water flowing out of the eye of the spirit spring. But, Feng Ruqing was a greedy person. If she wanted to fill the wine jar, it might take quite some time.
After some consideration, Feng Ruqing took out all the pots and pans given by Tiger Mama from the medium. Then, she took out the spirit herbs and other ingredients.
She could not slack off even though she was there.
Whether to lose weight or cultivate, it had to be done at the same time.