The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 258 - I Must Protect Her I

Chapter 258: I Must Protect Her I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFu Chen did not say anything for a long time.
Feng Ruqing felt rather awkward now. “I just want to give it a try. The tactical formation might be too old, and it might lose its function. It has nothing to do with me. Don’t you go and report me to the Ninth Emperor when he returns in the future.”
‘It’s the Ninth Emperor’s home. He might be angry if he knows that I have intruded it.
‘Fu Chen and Qing Han were raised by the Ninth Emperor. It’s only beneficial if they’re on the same page with me.’
Silence was all Feng Ruqing received in return.
Feng Ruqing did not know what Fu Chen was thinking about. She was stunned and she called upon him. “Fu Chen?”
In the medium, Fu Chen was hesitant and anxious. He opened his mouth to say something after a long time. “If the tactical formation was ineffective because of its age, the tactical formation would no longer be there and it would not be so easily destroyed. But…”
He stopped for a while before speaking again. “There must be some kind of bond between you and the Ninth Emperor. So, you’re able to enter the manor.”
Qing Han was stunned. She looked at Fu Chen cluelessly.
Was it possible that she could solve the tactical formation if she had some kind of bond with the Ninth Emperor?
‘But, Brother Fu Chen knows very well that the tactical formation could only be solved by the Ninth Emperor. Even if there’s a child of the Ninth Emperor, he or she might not be able to solve it too.
‘Why did he say so?’
Fu Chen looked at Qing Han warningly. Qing Han soon kept quiet. She bit her lip, and seemed quite sad.
‘I’ll not let Mom know about it if it’s not certain yet.
‘Wait until I’ve confirmed about it.’
Feng Ruqing was relieved after listening to what Fu Chen had said. She breathed a sigh of relief and walked toward the manor.
The things inside the manor looked quite new even though the manor was an ancient one. It was no different than the other manors which were inhabited by others except for the fallen leaves.
“Qing Qing, do you know what place is this?” Qin Chen smiled slightly. His voice was clear.
“The Ninth Emperor’s home.”
There was one home of the Ninth Emperor’s in the medium, but it was a sham. However, the home in the medium was exactly like the real one. Feng Ruqing was quite familiar with it. She knew the locations of different rooms in the manor.
“I remember that there’s a mountain of herbs in this home. If I were the Ninth Emperor, I would hide all my treasures there.”
Moreover, Fu Chen and Qing Han grew up there too.
‘There might be other treasures too.’
“Let’s go, Chen’er. Let’s go to the mountain of herbs.”
Feng Ruqing smiled. She knew the location of the mountain of herbs. So, she did not linger there, but she went toward the mountain of herbs directly.
Qin Chen did not ask Feng Ruqing the reason of her familiarity with the place. He also did not ask her why she knew what place was that.
He just trusted her.
So, Qin Chen followed behind her when she walked toward the mountain of herbs. They disappeared under the blue sky.
Feng Ruqing stopped walking when she reached the mountain of herbs.
Feng Ruqing understood that the master of the mountain of herbs was the Ninth Emperor. ‘There must be a lot of spirit herbs.’
‘There’s a lot of spirit herbs just outside of the manor. It’s impossible if there’s none here.’
But, what appeared in front of her was barren land. There were neither plant nor spirit herbs. There was not even grass. Even low-grade spirit herbs were not there.