The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 259 - I Must Protect Her II

Chapter 259: I Must Protect Her II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Fu Chen, where are the spirit herbs?” Feng Ruqing was shocked.
Fu Chen was quite pleased with himself. “Are those spirit herbs important? They’re only used by the Ninth Emperor to feed us. There are no other spirit herbs if we’re there.”
‘Spirit herbs?
‘They’ll never be there!
‘There’ll never be any other spirit herbs if they’re there.’
Feng Ruqing was shocked.
Unknowingly, Feng Ruqing became quite upset after listening to Fu Chen.
Suddenly, she regretted planting all of her spirit herbs in the medium.
‘I hope that these two fellows will leave behind some spirit herbs for me instead of eating all of them in the medium.’
“Fu Chen, do you know where did the Ninth Emperor hide his treasure?”
Fu Chen was silent for a while. “I don’t know much about the Ninth Emperor. But, I know that there’s a sacrificial altar behind the mountain of herbs. The Ninth Emperor always went there before. Why don’t you check it out?”
“That’ll do.”
The Ninth Emperor’s mountain of herbs was large. Feng Ruqing walked for a long time before she came out of the mountain of herbs.
A forest appeared in front of her.
There was a sacrificial altar in the middle of the forest. There were a dragon and phoenix stone monuments next to the sacrificial altar.
Feng Ruqing felt that the two stone monuments were staring at her.
That feeling was frightening and it made Feng Ruqing tremble.
But, Feng Ruqing still acted bravely and walked toward the sacrificial altar.
It was like there was a force in the sacrificial altar which attracted Feng Ruqing.
“Be careful!”
Qin Chen looked at Feng Ruqing and suddenly his facial expression changed drastically. He rushed toward Feng Ruqing hurriedly. There was deep fear in his eyes. “Qing Qing! Run faster!”
Feng Ruqing stopped walking.
The red dress was flapping from the wild wind.
There were the dragon and phoenix stone monuments in front of her.
But now, Feng Ruqing saw clearly that the dragon and phoenix in the stone monuments were trying to rush out of the monuments. A thunderous sound was heard.
The dragon and phoenix roared.
Feng Ruqing wanted to run away. But, her feet seemed to be rooted to the ground. She could not move. She could only look at the dragon and phoenix which were rushing at her not being able to do anything. The dragon and phoenix rushed out of the stone monuments and used an explosive power to hit her.
The power was so strong that it hit Feng Ruqing before Qin Chen could reach her. The remaining force hit Qin Chen and he was blown out of the way. He hit the ground hard.
Qin Chen vomited a mouthful of blood. He stood up and ran toward Feng Ruqing with staggering steps.
Fear, anxiety, and nervousness. A lot of emotions lingered in Qin Chen’s heart. It was like a black hole, swallowing all of Qin Chen’s senses.
‘Qing Qing, I’ll use up all my strength to give you a world of peace even if everyone leaves you behind. I’ll not leave you even if everyone lets you down and hurts you.
‘You can fail me but I’ll never fail you. I’ll not admit that they’re my family if my own family ever hurt you.
‘I’ll go with you if you want to leave this place. I’ll not stay in this place which is cold and distant.
‘Qing Qing, I’ll spend all of my money so that we could go back to how it was before. I’ll do anything so that you’ll be healthy.
‘If I cannot save you in this life, I’ll spend my next lifetime to protect you. I’ll not let you live miserably and I’ll give you a lifetime of warmth.’
Qin Chen’s head was like a chaotic mess. There were different voices circling around in his head.