The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 260 - I Must Protect Her III

Chapter 260: I Must Protect Her III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIt was just like the dream Qin Chen had before he came to Forest of Spirit Beasts.
There were Feng Ruqing and he in the dream.
‘But, it was not the princess I knew, and I was not myself.’
“Who? Who is it? Who is talking in my head? No, who am I? That voice… It’s my voice. But, I’m not the one talking here. Why is that so? Who am I?”
‘Protect her.
‘You must protect her!’
The voice in Qin Chen’s head did not fade.
Qin Chen raised his eyes, and he saw the girl who was surrounded by a light in the color of blood.
Her whole body was immersed in that light. Her eyes were gently closed, and it seemed like she was no longer alive.
“Qing Qing!” Qin Chen shouted loudly. His heart fell into a pit of deep despair.
He wanted to rush into that light, but the light acted like a barrier. The barrier stopped him from approaching Feng Ruqing. He used up all his strength, but still he could not pull her out of that light.
The girl’s hair was moving softly in the light. Her eyes were closed softly. But, her strength was improving incessantly.
Lower True Warrior tier. Intermediate True Warrior tier. Advanced True Warrior tier. Spirit Warrior tier.
Feng Ruqing was reaching the point of making a breakthrough to True Warrior tier. But, now she had made several leaps to Spirit Warrior tier in a very short time.
There was an innocent voice reaching out to them from the sky. Some of the redness in Qin Chen’s eyes faded.
“Brother Fu Chen, we have finally left the medium. Look at Mother! What has happened to her? How can we help her?”
Two small figures appeared out of nowhere. They came to stand next to Feng Ruqing.
The small girl was cute and energetic. Her eyes were bright and her smiling face was pretty and captivating.
The small boy was rather serious compared to the small girl. But he was very beautiful, like a china doll. His features were exquisite. He was even more dazzling than an angel in a picture.
“She’s really an idiot! She has absorbed too much power. Her body could not withstand it. If we do not help her, she’ll eventually die.”
Fu Chen frowned. He looked at Qin Chen, and there was an evil smile on his face.
‘Although a human’s body cannot withstand the two forces left by the Ninth Emperor, he could at least help to share the forces. If he alone cannot do it, I’ll go and drag the Iron-Blooded Troops to come and help.’
‘Mother won’t be in danger that way.’
“Do you want to save her?” Fu Chen glared with his beautiful eyes and asked with a smile.
Qin Chen seemed very determined. “Whatever it takes, I’ll save her willingly.”
“Alright, wait for a while. I’ll transfer her power to you. Remember not to absorb too much power. This power is too harsh. If there’s too much of it, you’ll die.”
His guardian liked this guy so much. If he dies because of wanting to save her, she would be very sad.
So he needed to remind Qin Chen.
Fu Chen turned and looked at Feng Ruqing. He fell into deep thought.
‘Mother not only could solve the tactical formation but also could absorb the two forces left behind by the Ninth Emperor. Her presence caused the two forces to break out from the stone monuments. It’s hard to say. Is she really…’