The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 261 - The Warmth of That Kiss I

Chapter 261: The Warmth of That Kiss I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“What should I do?” Qin Chen asked in a raspy voice and calmed down eventually.
“You don’t have to do anything. I’ll transfer her spiritual qi to you. Stop taking it if you can’t stand it.”
“Okay, got it.”
That was the first time Qin Chen saw Fu Chen.
That little guy’s concern toward Qing Qing seemed genuine.
So he was willing to believe him for once…
Qin Chen shut his eyes. He put down his guard for the moment.
He would bear any price as long as he could save Qing Qing—
A mighty and violent power suddenly rushed into Qin Chen’s body. He shuddered as blood trickled from the corner of his lips.
That spiritual power was gentle for Feng Ruqing. If Feng Ruqing wasn’t that weak, she could have absorbed all the power. It was an opportunity that could make her evolve by leaps and bounds without facing any dangers.
But as the power flowed into Qin Chen’s body, it was so violent and it wanted to break out from his body. If Qin Chen did not suppress it, that spiritual power might have exploded from his body…
‘That’s right. Nobody but Mother can handle the Ninth Emperor’s power.’ Fu Chen pursed his lips lightly as his eyes were filled with deep thoughts. “Besides, he is not capable of enduring the spiritual power for her. I have to find another way to save them…”
Fu Chen sighed. He could not put Qin Chen’s life and death aside just because he wanted to save his guardian.
If Qin Chen were gone, Mother would be deeply sad…
He tried to pull his palm back.
The spiritual power that connected Feng Ruqing and Qin Chen were still flowing into Qin Chen’s body. Fu Chen tried so hard to pull his hand back twice, but again, he could not draw that force out.
Suddenly, Fu Chen’s little face twisted in shock. “Stop it! I told you to stop!!!”
Qin Chen gently closed his eyes without responding. A gentle breeze blew as his green robe fluttered along with a gust of violent wind.
That little guy’s words, yes, he heard it…
It was just that… if he did nothing, Qing Qing would explode and die.
If that was the case, it was better… to let him take it.
Qin Chen’s lips lifted gently.
Because she was the only warmth in his life.
The warmth that would never hurt him in his lifetime!
Qin Chen’s arms began to crack as the blood stained his arms red. His arms looked as if it was a cracked wine jar which would explode any second.
“Stop now!” Fu Chen was panicking.
After all, a spirit herb’s IQ did not allow itself to think deeply and consider far. So, it was natural that the spirit herb would not think of Qin Chen.
“Brother Fu Chen, what should we do? Will he die?” Qing Han eyes were teary as she was pulling Fu Chen’s sleeves in fear. “If he died Mother would feel very sad and it would hurt her…”
Fu Chen was suddenly stunned.
He could not help but imagine the young girl suffering heartbreak in his mind. His heart skipped a beat, and his face turned pale.
No matter how bad Feng Ruqing had treated him, it was impossible not to grow some feelings toward her after spending so much time together.
He did not want Feng Ruqing to die, and also… to make her cry her heart out.
Qin Chen had already opened his eyes in spite of the storm. Beyond the pair of clear and bright eyes, he stared at the red glow which shrouded that young girl.