The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 266 - Leaving II

Chapter 266: Leaving II

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Qin Chen’s breathing recovered gradually after he drank the spirit herbs soup. Before drinking the soup, the wounds on his body had almost healed. However, the blood on his body was still frightening to see.
Feng Ruqing turned to Fu Chen. She cocked her eyebrows and asked, “By the way, have you guys told me how you came out of the medium?”
Fu Chen scratched his little head in confusion. “I don’t know either. We can come and go freely from the medium when Mother has broken through Spirit Warrior tier. However, only Qing Han and I can do it, those spirit beasts… are still not allowed to do so.”
Spirit Warrior tier?
Feng Ruqing was astonished.
She quickly went through her own power and now… she was already a Spirit Warrior tier?
She had made it to Spirit Warrior tier!!!
Which meant that she was one step closer to sleeping with the state preceptor! Bravo!
“Fu Chen, how can I send this area into the medium?” Feng Ruqing fell silent for a while.
After all, this was the place where the Ninth Emperor had lived before. The previous area in the medium was a fake one, she should change it quickly.
“Mother, you had destroyed the tactical formation and even the power that protects the altar as well. You can directly shift the area into the medium.”
Fu Chen was quite emotional.
He had grown up in this place since he was young, so he was reluctant to leave.
Feng Ruqing closed her eyes after hearing what Fu Chen had told her. A thought flashed through her mind. When she opened her eyes, she found out that she was already standing on the grass. The area she was at before had disappeared without leaving any trace.
“Mother, how did you manage to bring the eye of the spirit spring water here as well?”
Fu Chen’s voice filled with shock came from the medium at the same time.
Feng Ruqing was shocked. She had vanished under the blue sky as she moved.
She was already standing inside the medium when she opened her eyes.
Right in front of the living area, stood the eye of the spirit spring which was gently pouring out spring water.
When there was the eye of the spirit spring, there was no river. Therefore, the spring water that seeped into the grass was spiritual. The already verdant grass got lusher as it seemed to contain a vague layer of spiritual qi.
Qing Han swallowed her saliva and said, “Brother Fu Chen, why do I feel that the grass has become tastier than before…”
Fu Chen remained silent for a while. “All the herbs in the world will turn into spirit herbs if they have sufficient spiritual qi nurturing them. The only thing is that the grass is not an herb, so it’s impossible for the grass to cure and heal diseases but only has added spiritual power.
But what puzzled him was that Mother had only wanted to shift the living area into the medium, how could the eye of the spirit spring be brought inside as well?
“If I knew earlier that the eye of the spirit spring could follow me everywhere, why would I waste so much time filling up a jar of spirit water?” Feng Ruqing was vexed.
She had spent too much time on the spirit water. She could have left this place earlier.
However, her ability would grow faster since she had the inexhaustible spirit water from now on.
“Mother, Qin Chen will wake up soon. You should leave the medium first. It would be troublesome if he doesn’t see you.”
Feng Ruqing nodded slightly.
Her body followed her into the medium at the same time. If Qin Chen could not see her when he woke up, it would really be troublesome.
Feng Ruqing stopped examining the eye of spirit spring as she thought of Qin Chen. Just like the mist, she floated and drifted away from the medium.
Qin Chen opened his eyes as soon as she left the medium.
The young guy’s eyes were still crystal clear but looked blank. He breathed a sigh of relief after he saw Feng Ruqing safe and sound.