The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 267 - Leaving III

Chapter 267: Leaving III
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“Qing Qing—”
‘Good to see you’re fine.’
The young guy closed his eyes. A figure came to his mind. That figure had emerged when he was in a coma. His lips lifted into a slight arch.
Just now… it was that man who had saved Qing Qing…
“Chen’er, let’s go home.” Feng Ruqing held out her hand to the young boy. Just like the sun, she smiled brightly.
The young guy was stunned. His eyes met her warm eyes as he looked up.
Just like the warmth of the sun, her look melted his dusty heart.
He put his hands above the young girl’s hands.
Home, such a word… that was the first time he had heard the word after all these years.
Qin Chen laughed. His smile was pure and innocent. Just like the first snow in the winter, the smile was clean and clear from impurity.
Yup, he had a home from now on.
Where there was her, there was his home!
Feng Ruqing dragged along Qin Chen and headed back toward the place where they came from.
Tang Zi and the others were still waiting for her over there.
Feng Ruqing initially wanted to bring all her people to cultivate here, but she had accidentally taken away the eye of the spirit spring. Without the spirit water, the spiritual qi in the spring would slowly fade, thin down and vanish in the end.
So, there was no reason for them to return again.
She had already seen the people who were cultivating in the spirit spring from afar. She gently smiled as a clear and crystal voice spoke. “Tang Zi, Ling Yun, everyone can get up now. It’s time to go.”
Tang Zi suddenly opened her eyes as she heard the familiar voice.
First, she was horrified to see Qin Chen, who was covered in blood. As she turned around, a stunning face came into view.
The young girl was smiling a little. She had the softest skin, a pair of moonlike eyebrows, and a slim body. She had everything that a girl needed to stand out.
Her shirt was loose and big, but still, it could not hide her subtle beauty.
The young lady was as beautiful as a painting, everyone who stood beside her looked dull.
“You… Master?” Tang Zi’s eyes widened.
The past Feng Ruqing was beautiful enough to amaze her. However, her face was a little chubby, and her body was a little plump during that time, which could only be considered as a beautiful lady.
But now… even Tang Zi herself as a woman, her heart could not help but beat for Feng Ruqing when she saw her.
She was so beautiful that her beauty could cause the fall of a castle.
“I feel like… I have fallen in love with Master.” Ling Yun pressed her chest with her hand as her heart thumped.
‘What should I do? I want to marry her!
‘Tease me!’
“Do you guys want to leave or not?” Feng Ruqing shrugged.
Her voice brought everyone back to their senses.
“Your Highness… ” a woman from the Iron-Blooded Troop jumped out and quickly walked to Feng Ruqing’s side. She asked in a shy voice. “I have always wanted to ask you how you managed to reduce your weight, I want to…”
“You want to be on a diet?” Feng Ruqing smiled a little as she tipped the girl’s chin. Feng Ruqing smiled brightly. “I will make you some herbal dishes when I’m back. Taking it daily will do.”
Spirit herb dishes were different from the usual dishes, it contained spiritual qi so the dishes would not go bad easily and could be preserved for a longer period. The only effect was that the taste might change a little.
The spirit dishes could be preserved for a longer period if they were put and kept inside the boxes that were used to keep spirit herbs.
The girl’s heart was beating fast. “Thank you, Your Highness.”