The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 271 - Prowling Wolf in Forest, Falling Sword from Sky III

Chapter 271: Prowling Wolf in Forest, Falling Sword from Sky III
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A young woman sat atop the three-striped tiger.
She only saw the young girl’s silhouette. Melancholic, and in a bright red gown.
Not even an art masterpiece could match the slender and thin figure of the young woman.
“Miss, I think I saw a goddess…” Qian Ning was stunned by the slowly descending young woman and her tiger mount. Her eyes were filled with fascination.
It was unclear whether the appearance of this righteous young woman at the most critical moment aroused hope in her heart once again. It made her feel that the mere appearance of this young woman could instantly outmatch all the girls in the world.
Unparalleled grace, second to none.
The three-striped tiger’s knock made the middle-aged man stumble a few steps back.
The young girl who was held hostage fell as his hands loosened. As if by chance, she fell right into Feng Ruqing’s embrace.
Tang Yin opened her eyes and saw her beautiful face.
Like a perfect jade, there was no flaw to her beauty.
Feng Ruqing wrapped her hand around Tang Yin’s waist. Her brows slightly furrowed, her lips gently pursed. Her face appeared calm, but a storm seemed to be brewing underneath the serenity.
Tang Yin had a blank look on her face. The young woman’s face seemed… familiar. It looked like… Feng Ruqing who had lost twenty kilograms.
“It that you?” The young woman’s eyes narrowed.
Like a bottomless pit, it sucked all her heart out.
At that moment, Tang Yin’s heart skipped a beat. She felt warmth in her embrace, and that made her very relieved.
“Go away.”
Feng Ruqing abruptly threw Tang Yin off from her embrace. She fell right by Qian Ning’s feet. Her head was spinning and she could see stars in her eyes.
“Little Lady!” Qian Ning quickly crawled to Tang Yin’s side. She looked skeptically at the young lady on top of the three-striped tiger. “Why do I feel that that lady looks a bit like Princess Feng Ruqing?”
Tang Yin gently closed her eyes. “It’s her… there is no mistaking her voice, she is… Feng Ruqing…”
Feng Ruqing was her love rival, but why… why did she save her in the end?
Moreover… facing a Dark Warrior tier enemy, just how strong was Feng Ruqing? She confronted the Dark Warrior tier enemy just to save her.
“Sob… Little Lady…” Qian Ning was bawling. “This Feng Ruqing is such a kind person, she threw her own life aside to save usstrangers!”
Tang Yin’s eyes were fixated on Feng Ruqing. Her eyes were shining brilliantly.
“Moreover…” Qian Ning wiped the tears as she stuttered,”She did not want Little Lady to get involved in the battle, that was why she threw you to me, she did all these to protect Little Lady.”
Feng Ruqing… the kindest person in the world.
Feng Ruqing, who was labeled as a kind person. “…”
In actual fact, she caught hold of Tang Yin only because she fell right in front of her. The three-striped tiger disliked being touched by outsiders, so naturally she wouldn’t let her fall onto the tiger.
As of throwing her off…
That was because she was in her way! She was affecting her quest for Wolfie’s revenge!
“Who are you?” the middle-aged person’s face darkened. He coldly chided, “Who are you to meddle with the affairs of the Fengyun clan?”
Feng Ruqing’s face was calm. She raised the sword in her hand and calmly asked, “Does this sword belong to you?”
The middle-aged man was startled. That was the sword he had used to attack Tang Yin. Tang Yin had dodged it, but he did not expect the sword to fall in the lady’s hands.