The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 272 - Prowling Wolf, Falling Sword IV

Chapter 272: Prowling Wolf, Falling Sword IV
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He laughed cynically. “It’s mine, so what?”
“Well if it’s yours, that makes it easy then.” Feng Ruqing’s lips curled into a smile. A hint of anger burned in her eyes.
The air became eerily terrifying.
This bastard had made the little wolf, which she would not even raise her sword against, bleed!
“Since you use this sword to hurt, then today, I shall use your own sword to kill you!”
As Feng Ruqing’s words dropped, the three-striped tiger let out an angry roar and charged toward the middle-aged man.
“A Tier-5 spirit beast?”
The middle-aged man’s face fell after noticing the tiger’s aura.
Previously, Young Lady had said that Tang Yin only had one female servant with her. That was why the Fengyun clan had sent him alone.
The Fengyunclan members had their hands full; there was no need to waste additional manpower.
Who would have thought that a woman would appear out of nowhere, with a Tier-5 spirit beast as mount to boot!
“Little girl, don’t you know who I am?” The middle-aged man’s eye grew cold. “I am from the Fengyun family. If you rescue the person marked for death by my family, then my family will never let you go!”
Feng Ruqing licked her lower lip gently, her smile carried a hint of recklessness and ferocity.
“I couldn’t give a damn if you were the Fengyuns or the Leiyuns 1 , those who harm my wolf deserve death!”
In the nearby maple groves, Tang Yin sat quietly. She was mesmerized by Feng Ruqing. A complex feeling filled her heart.
“She went to such extent for me… she knew he came from the Fengyun family, yet she chose to oppose them.”
How detestable it was that she had initially approached Feng Ruqing just to get close to Nan Xian!
She deceived her just to get with Nan Xian!
A tinge of regret rose in Tang Yin’s heart. If only she had known that Feng Ruqing would go to such extents for her, she would never have made Feng Ruqing her rival.
“But… what did she mean when she said he had hurt her wolf?” Tang Yin asked as she went silent.
Qian Ning tilted her head and pondered. “She probably meant to say her love, she probably had a slip of the tongue…”
Tang Yin was dazed.
The image of her in warm embrace rose once again in her mind. Her petite face went red. She lowered her head and drew circles on the ground with her finger.
She was her love…
This feeling… it was not….it was not bad…
“Oh yeah, Little Lady, Feng Ruqing has reached Spirit Warrior tier and she’s got a Tier-5 spirit beast as her mount! She has become so strong in just a few months.” Qian Ning’s palm was on her heart as she admired the young lady riding on top of the tiger.
Tang Yin pursed her lips. “How dare you address her by her name? So rude!”
‘Little Lady, you have changed, you are no longer the Little Lady I knew!’
Tang Yin bit her lip as she looked at Feng Ruqing. “The Fengyun clan has great strength, even the Tang family would not resist the Fengyun’s for a talentless hack like me. But she, as my love rival, did so…”
“Therefore, if… if she really wanted to marry Nan Xian… I will give up. I owe her this…”
“Little Lady!” Qian Ning was in shock. “Didn’t you really love Young Master Nan Xian?”
Tang Yin lowered her head. “Yes… I like… Nan Xian. The elders all spoke of him as the gentlest of gentlemen, like a pale moon. Although I have never met him before, I keep longing to see him. But if Feng Ruqing were the one to take his hand in marriage, then I will just give up…”