The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 273 - Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? I

Chapter 273: Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? I
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A man as gentle as the pale blue moon; no woman in the world can probably resist a man like that.
But… Feng Ruqing gave herself up to save her. How could she ever return her kindness with a vengeance, by stealing her man?
Moreover, a man that she had never met before.
The air crackled and produced a wave at the downward stroke of the long sword.
The middle-aged man hurriedly took a few steps back. His face was pale and filled with blurriness.
He would not be scared if it were Feng Ruqing alone. The Tier-5 spirit beast made even touching her sleeve very difficult!
The tiger kicked up some dust and roared angrily. In a split second, it had already came up behind the middle-aged man.
The tiger violently knocked him in the back with its head.
The knock was very savage. It sent the middle-aged man stumbling a few steps forward before regaining his grounds.
“Bitch, you people have a deathwish!” The middle-aged man turned around, his eyes were fierce as he stared at the young woman riding atop the tiger.
As Feng Ruqing stretched her hands out, the long sword began emitting a shimmering glow. The shimmering blade swished through the air in the direction of the middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man was still of Dark Warrior tier, after all. He turned to evade the sword. The blade grazed his hair and scattered them to the ground.
The tiger did not give the man a chance to catch his breath. It charged toward him and knocked him off again.
One was a Tier-5 spirit beast; the other was of Dark Warrior tier. Although they were of the same level, the speed, toughness, and thick armored skin of the spirit beast surpassed those of a human.
Being on the same level did not mean having the same strengths.
The middle-aged man was unable to dodge the attack. He threw up a mouthful of blood. He strained his body a couple of times so that he did not fall from the sky.
He wiped the blood off of the corner of his lips. His eyes darkened.
With the Tier-5 spirit beast around, he would not be able to do anything. He had to leave the area and report this matter back to the young lady at Fengyun Manor.
“Tang Yin, I will let you go since you have somebody to protect you today. You won’t be so lucky next time!”
And the girl who dared to oppose the Fengyuns, she would not be let go of as well!
“Who said you could go?”
As the middle-aged man was about to turn around and leave, a chilling voice that sounded like a banshee came from behind him.
The demonic voice did not stop the middle-aged man. Instead, he sped off to flee ahead.
But he quickly stopped.
He stopped because right in front of him was a young man who looked like a god slayer.
The young man looked elegant in his green robes. He gently pursed his lips and stood coldly in front of the middle-aged man.
He was emanating a terrifying aura that made one feel like one could instantly fall into a bottomless pit of hell at any moment.
Somehow, that word appeared in his mind as he looked at the emotionless face of the youth.
He had nothing to lose. He struck his palm against the young man’s chest.
The young man’s eyes were deadpan. The blacks of his eyes were like two black holes, instantly casting fear in the middle-aged man’s heart.
As the winds of his palms were about to land, the young man’s figure disappeared into thin air. When he reappeared, he was already standing behind the middle-aged man.
A huge gust of wind began to blow around his body like a storm was about to hit.
The middle-aged man took a hit on his back. His legs faltered, almost hitting the ground.
As he was about to make his escape again, the three-striped tiger was already blocking his path.
He had nowhere to escape!