The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 274 - Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? II

Chapter 274: Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? II
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“Think you can escape?”
Feng Ruqing’s face was as calm as ever. But anyone could see that she was burning with rage.
Just thinking about how this bastard had hurt her little wolf made her raise her sword angrily.
All the spirit energy converged on the blade. The blade appeared to be covered by a swirl of storm.
As the storm grew more violent, dust flew all around in the air.
Tang Yin stared blankly at the young lady in the storm. Her heart felt like it was being pounded at.
Even her eyes were fixated on her. They were filled with infatuation and admiration.
All the sword’s aura suddenly came down without warning. The middle-aged man was unprepared and fell down under the devastating blows. Blood was gushing from his mouth uncontrollably.
Previously, it would not be difficult to dodge her attacks as she was merely of Spirit Warrior tier.
But something got entangled with his feet just now, and he could not move his legs. He could only look as the sword’s aura landed on his body. The agonizing pain was like a sharp blade slicing his flesh away, shattering his will.
How could this be…
He was of Dark Warrior tier… how could he be defeated by one of Spirit Warrior tier?
However, he did not realize that the vines behind him were slowly dwindling away as if they had never appeared.
“Although I wasn’t able to pull Qin Chen just now, tying up someone is a piece of cake! Let’s see if Mother doesn’t break his legs if he tries to run again!” Qing Han said in exasperation.
How dare he bullied Mother’s wolf. Had he asked this daughter’s permission first?
Moreover, why could he not just admit his mistakes when Mother came to settle a score with him? How dare he run away? Not admitting his own mistake; he could not blame anyone else even if he were to be beaten to death.
Qing Han had already forgotten at this point that Feng Ruqing had attacked without explaining why. That middle-aged man did not know that he had hurt the snow wolf by accident, how could he know how he had offended Feng Ruqing?
Feng Ruqing moved her hand in a downward motion. A sword beam flashed downward again.
“Let’s see if you still dare to be so arrogant?”
“Do you still dare to bully others?”
“Do you still dare to hurt the innocent?”
A sword beam followed each of Feng Ruqing’s sentences, stopping the middle-aged man’s words hanging on the edge of his lips.
“No, I don’t dare to…”
The excruciating pain made his face pale. Tears were coming out from his eyes. He gritted his teeth and rolled around in pain.
“Do you admit your mistake then?”
Feng Ruqing did not use the sword this time but instead returned it to the man. She stretched her legs and stepped on his wound. The pain made him scream.
“I admit, I admit…” The pain was unbearable.
Forget about admitting his mistake, he would even call her his granny if Feng Ruqing would let him go.
“So where did you go wrong?” Feng Ruqing’s face was cold.
The middle-aged man was almost in tears. “I… I won’t dare be arrogant again, I won’t dare to bully others again, and I won’t dare harm the innocents…”
He repeated whatever Feng Ruqing had used to scold him just now. Perhaps then Feng Ruqing could forgive him?
Feng Ruqing sighed. “It seems that you don’t know what your mistakes were, then I shall beat you until you admit your faults!”
The snow wolf was injured twice by this guy, and still, he would not admit it. If that was the case, she should just beat him until he begged for the snow wolf’s forgiveness!
The middle-aged man was beyond confused. Weren’t those her words just now?
He had admitted his mistakes, he had even apologized, why would she not let him go?