The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 275 - Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? III

Chapter 275: Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? III
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All was calm in the forest.
Other than the agonizing screams of the middle-aged man that sounded like pigs in the slaughterhouse, everyone else had no reaction. Their expressions were as calm as ever.
The middle-aged man gritted his teeth resentfully. He slowly picked up a small piece of stone.
He knew he was not able to hurt Feng Ruqing as she had a Tier-5 spirit beast guarding her. So he threw the stone with all his might at Tang Yin.
Although it was but a small stone, it was imbued with the spirit power of Dark Warrior tier. It would be impossible for Tang Yin to dodge it at her level.
She would be severely wounded even if she could even make it out alive!
After the snow wolf was injured, Feng Ruqing brought Qin Chen and the three-striped tiger to avenge it.
The snow wolf, who was crying in pain, recovered shortly after consuming the herbal fruit.
It, too, wanted to know which son of a b*tch had hurt it. So when its wounds healed, it leaped up instantly and went toward the place where it smelled like a battle was raging.
One look was all it took as it saw the middle-aged man who was being stepped on by Feng Ruqing.
The enraged snow wolf howled aggravatedly.
‘Look at the snow wolf’s master, a natural queen. Anyone would yield like an ant under her foot.’
How fortunate was the snow wolf, to have met such a brilliant and beautiful master?
At that moment, the snow wolf smiled contentedly as its heart was filled with joy.
Its feet were quick as it dashed toward Feng Ruqing. It wanted to give her a wolf hug.
Almost immediately, it felt that something was wrong…
In front of it, a sharp piece of stone flew at the speed of the wind. The stone hit the wolf’s body as it could only stand and look.
Blood spewed out of the wolf’s mouth. Its cry was more harrowing than before as it collapsed in front of Tang Yin. It could not even stand on its own.
“Li… Little Lady… when I was gathering information on Feng Ruqing the last time, it seemed that she keeps a wolf. I’ve seen it on a portrait before, it looked exactly like this courageous wolf.” Qian Ning could not believe her eyes. Her hands covered her mouth tightly. Her whole body was trembling.
The wolf… Feng Ruqing’s wolf took the bullet with its body to save her Little Lady.
The pet sure took its cue from its owner. Feng Ruqing’s whole family, including those spirit beasts, were too benevolent!
Tang Yin’s feelings became even more complex. She felt deeply touched.
She thought she would definitely be hurt the moment the stone was thrown. As she was about to accept her fate, something flashed before her eyes…
She saw a snow wolf heroically standing in front of her.
It blocked the stone that was about to hit her!
“What a brilliantly courageous and benevolent snow wolf…” Tang Yin’s eyes looked downward.
Compared to the wolf, she was too useless. She could not even deal with the enemy. At first, Feng Ruqing had made an enemy out of the Fengyun clan just to save her. Now the snow wolf had given its own life to save her.
She owed the princess too much.
So much so that she could not pay her back in one lifetime.
Tang Yin thought about what the girl had told her. She bit her lip hard. Her eyes were cold.
Tranny, rich bully, an oppressor of women, and a force against men–what a bunch of crap!
If she were really an oppressor of women and a force against men, she hoped that Feng Ruqing would be more forceful toward her!
She had never seen someone as kind as her!