The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 276 - Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? IV

Chapter 276: Why is the Wolf Always the Unlucky One? IV
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Feng Ruqing blazed with fury as she saw the snow wolf collapse. Her cold gaze turned toward the middle-aged man. “Dammit Tiger, tear his body apart for me at once!”
She wanted to leave his remains intact at first if he had only admitted to his wrongdoings.
As for forgiving him… that would be impossible! She did not want the Fengyun clan to look for her for trouble before she was ready.
The consequences would be dire if she were to let him go back to his den.
Who knew that not only was he unrepentant, he had even hurt her wolf again! Did he really think that she had no temper?
He deserved death; those who came to hurt her wolf deserved death!
After giving out her command, she could not care less about the man and immediately rushed toward the wolf.
This time around, she did not take out the herbal fruit. Instead, it was the medicinal spirit soup leftover from the three-striped tiger.
The wolf quickly guzzled the soup. The pain on his body gradually subsided, but the pain in its heart was still deep.
Why… why was it always the one to get hurt?
Previously it was slashed a couple of times while picking flowers for its master. Now it was pierced by a stone when all it wanted to do was to give its owner a hug!
Sob… so hurtful, so pitiful, it needed to be petted, and cuddled, and even swung up like a baby…
The snow wolf felt more hurt as it thought more about it. It rubbed its head against the back of Feng Ruqing’s palm, its eyes grew teary. It was heart-wrenching.
“Everything’s going to be okay, I shall avenge you.” Feng Ruqing petted the wolf on its head. “I’m here, no one will harm all of you again.”
‘All of you’ meant the snow wolf and the members of the Iron-Blooded army.
But then, Tang Yin and Qian Ning came forward on their own.
“Um…” Tang Yin looked downward at her finger. Her face was red as she looked at Feng Ruqing from the corner of her eyes. “I’m sorry about what happened before… I shouldn’t have been rude to you.”
Feng Ruqing was taken aback. She had only noticed Tang Yin, who had been on the sidelines up until now.
“You’re still here?”
Tang Yin became even more embarrassed. So it was true that Feng Ruqing had thrown her aside to prevent her from coming in harm’s way. She had even tried to make an escape for her by stopping the man from the Fengyun clan.
“Uhm… will you accept my apology?” Tang Yin’s voice was soft like a fly’s.
If it was not because Feng Ruqing had a pair of good ears, she would not have been able to hear her.
The gears in Feng Ruqing’s mind spun for a while. She furrowed her brows. “You are always trespassing, and that does trouble me. But you didn’t do much, so there’s no need to apologize.”
Other than climbing over the fence, Tang Yin really did not do anything.
Tang Yin bit her lip, her petite face grew even redder. “I will not climb over the wall anymore. Will you let me stay in the manor? I can be your servant! I will do anything.”
Qian Ning was dumbfounded like she was jolted by lightning.
‘Little Lady, I thought you said you were willing to let go of Nan Xian because she was your savior.
‘But why do I think that your love has shifted to someone else?’
“I am very poor.” Feng Ruqing’s brows were cocked. “I can’t afford freeloaders.”
Tang Yin was overjoyed, she took out her storage pouch. “I have money, I am rich, if you let me stay in the princess’s manor, I could pay you rent every day, I could even lease Qian Ning to you, please just let me stay in the manor.”
Qian Ning was speechless.
‘Little Lady, have you ever asked how I would feel?’
Qian Ning wanted to cry out of grief but she held her tears back for her Little Lady’s sake. She could only glare at her with hateful eyes.