The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 278 - Comparing Numbers on My Turf? II

Chapter 278: Comparing Numbers on My Turf? II
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Tang Zi took a couple of steps forward, shielding Feng Ruqing. Her eyes were cold as she looked at the tightly packed hordes in the sky.
The others too went forward, shielding Feng Ruqing in all directions.
At that moment, everyone’s fighting spirits were fired up like waves crashing the shore.
Tang Zi had not only consolidated her foundations during her time at the spirit spring. She had reached the mid-level of Spirit Warrior tier in one shot while Ling Yun had broken through the ranks of True Warrior tier to Spirit Warrior tier.
Other than the two of them, the members of the Iron-Blooded army too had breakthroughs and were all at True Warrior tier. They were merely a few steps away from Spirit Warrior tier.
Tang Yin was taken aback. Her eyes filled with shock.
She had heard from the Tang family before that the secular world lacked rare treasures and training grounds conducive for cultivators. Therefore it was very difficult to reach Spirit Warrior tier.
There were people of Spirit Warrior tier in every country, but they could be counted on the hands.
But Feng Ruqing as a princess had two members of Spirit Warrior tier protecting her as well as a Tier-5 spirit beast.
Exactly who told her that it was hard for those from the secular world to reach Spirit Warrior tier?
Tang Yin’s eyes then fell on Qin Chen, who was exuding an air of coldness. A sense of bemusement flashed in her eyes.
It seemed like the young man’s strength was so much stronger than anyone else in the Iron-Blooded army!
The next time someone told her about how terrible the secular world was, she would strangle them to death!
“Are you sure you want to compare numbers… in this Forest of Spirit Beasts?” Feng Ruqing waved her hand to hold off the three-striped tiger’s advancement as she looked at the middle-aged man nonchalantly.
She had already given him a few chances. It seemed like he did not even wish to have his body torn apart; instead, he was asking for it to be shattered into tens of thousands of pieces.
“Haha!” The middle-aged man spat out some blood. “You think that your followers alone would be able to protect you? There are more than ten Advanced Spirit Warriors among my men! The others too are of Spirit Warrior tier!”
Feng Ruqing sighed gently. “Well, if you were to find trouble with me somewhere else, maybe I would have made some effort to deal with these people. Why the Forest of Spirit Beasts of all places?”
The middle-aged man was dumbfounded. It appeared that he did not understand Feng Ruqing’s words.
Feng Ruqing could not care less about the middle-aged man. She took out a table from the medium and neatly laid down herbal fruits across it.
The snow wolf was dumbstruck. The master was carrying so many herbal fruits with her. Why did she not tell it? It had been quite some time since the wolf had had a taste of an herbal fruit.
“Three-striped tiger, ignore him first. Call out all the spirit beasts below Tier-5 for me–let them know that each kill is worth 10 herbal fruits; the more they kill, the more they get.”
He could have looked for trouble with her at any other place, but it had to be the Forest of Spirit Beasts… of all places.
The three-striped tiger released the middle-aged man as it let out a thunderous roar.
Its voice spread across the Forest of Spirit Beasts. The roar lingered.
The spirit beasts were ruled by a strong differentiation of the tiered system. All spirit beasts below Tier-5 would rush over when they hear the three-striped tiger’s roar, but those above Tier-5 would probably ignore it.
Therefore, Feng Ruqing made it call out those below Tier-5.
The middle-aged man’s face grew stiff. As he was taken aback, dust was kicked off from across him. A countless number of spirit beasts were charging toward the members of the Fengyun clan from the cloud of dust.
The Fengyun clan members were in a state of panic. Spirit beasts were already ferocious beasts; and on top of that, there were so many of them. There would be no chance of fighting them all.
Therefore, even before the fight began, the Fengyun clan members were already thinking of retreating.