The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 279 - Comparing Numbers on My Turf? III

Chapter 279: Comparing Numbers on My Turf? III
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“D*mn it!”
A person shrieked in exasperation as a red leopard lunged forward.
Its claws were razor sharp. In an instant, the person’s face was clawed up by the leopard. Blood guzzled down his face.
The other spirit beasts too charged in front. Compared to the numbers of the spirit beasts, the Fengyun’s were far behind.
The middle-aged man was stupefied as he looked on at the Fengyun clan members who were helpless against the spirit beasts’ attacks. He never expected this to happen.
“You, who are you really?” asked the middle-aged man as he raised his head to look at Feng Ruqing, teeth gritted. His eyes were filled with confusion.
The spirit beasts listened to her commands as she laid out the herbal fruits.
It was as if the whole Forest of Spirit Beasts was her home turf…
Feng Ruqing did not bother to answer his question.
Those behind her were calm.
She was not a cold person, and she was not someone who would take lives lightly. But she understood that if they didn’t die, then she would be killed and her family would be dragged along.
“I know my mistakes now, I really do now, please get the three-striped tiger to leave and bring the spirit beasts away, argh!” The middle-aged man shrieked in terror.
Feng Ruqing turned around slowly. Her calm eyes fell upon the bloodied middle-aged man.
“I have heard that the Fengyuns were highly ranked in the reclusive world. But from what I can see, how could a bully like you manage to sneak into the Fengyun clan?”
Although the reclusive world and the secular world were two different places, it did not mean that the secular world did not know about the existence of these powerful families despite having a non-interventional policy.
The middle-aged man’s body grew stiff.
He clenched his fist tightly, his eyes were filled with resentment.
With his powers, he could not become one of the upper echelons but at least he could still cultivate in the family.
And because of his cowardice and preying on the weak, there were a few times when he almost got expelled by the Fengyuns.
This time around, he was able to flatter the young lady and had become one of the Fengyuns’ guardians after currying some favor! If not, he would be crawling outside the door his whole life, or even expelled.
Even though he clearly knew his own character, he would not hear it from other people!
Hearing it from someone else would be a huge insult to him!
“Hahaha!” The middle-aged man laughed derangedly. “Since this is how you want to play with the Fengyuns, you leave me no choice…”
His dark, cold eyes glanced at the other Fengyun members.
Those who were struggling to resist stopped dead in their tracks.
“I, Wen Feng’s man, am no coward! They will make you pay, even by suicide!” He gave a warning with his eyes with his lips carrying a sinister smile.
The members of the Fengyun clan knew what he meant in an instant.
GuardianWen wanted them to self-destruct!
That would be a certain death!
Everybody knew about Guardian Wen’s temperament. When they joined the Fengyun clan, their own families too were dragged alongside them. If they refused to self-destruct, Guardian Wen would surely kill all their family.
That was what he had warned them before!
Therefore, all the members of the Fengyun clan stopped in their tracks.
Only one way out now…
With so many Spirit Warrior tier self-destructing, the whole mountain would be devastated!
But they had no other options…