The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 281 - Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest I

Chapter 281: Like a Turtledove Taking over a Magpie’s Nest I
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After Feng Ruqing saw the tiger’s reaction, she did not hesitate and immediately completed the contract with it.
She had almost gathered enough forces in the princess’s manor, and all the spirit beasts would not fit into the medium for the time being. If she returned with too many spirit beasts, it would attract the attention of the reclusive world.
But that did not stop her from using the Forest of Spirit Beasts as her own turf.
Thinking about this, Feng Ruqing looked at the rest of the Tier-4 beasts with a smile. Her eyes were shining brilliantly.
“Would you guys like a job?”
The beasts were looking at each other. They did not know what she meant.
Feng Ruqing glanced at the snow wolf.
The snow wolf immediately knew what she meant. It shrugged and strode elegantly toward the crowd of spirit beasts.
And then…
Everyone looked on as the snow wolf called out a couple of times. The spirit beasts followed the wolf in its footsteps and approached Feng Ruqing.
Feng Ruqing was smiling. “One by one, no hurry! After the contracts are sealed, the snow wolf will return with me, and Beary will take over teaching you guys what I have taught it!”
The Forest of Spirit Beasts was filled with countless herbs. Although they were normal herbs, for Feng Ruqing, herbs were still herbs, she could turn them into spirit herbs!
She would turn these beasts into cultivators of spirit herbs in the forest!
Tang Yin was petrified as she looked at the spirit beasts that were lining up to seal their contracts.
Since when were spirit beasts this obedient?
Since when did it become so easy to seal a contract?
Those people from the Tang family could easily catch a spirit beast but to seal a contract… it would take great time and effort to tame the beasts.
Spirit beasts were stubborn by nature and rather die than surrender. But who could tell her now that those in front of her eyes were the spirit beasts that she had come to know?
“Little Lady…” Qian Ning stood next to Tang Yin with some thoughts in her head. “I finally know how she could get those spirit beasts to be at her manor.”
Tang Yin did not speak. She gently bit her powdery lips. Her eyes were shining as she looked at Feng Ruqing.
After Feng Ruqing had sealed the contract with the beasts, she excused herself from everyone and hurried into the medium. She found out that the medium was not as devastated as she had thought it would be.
She then breathed a sigh of relief.
When those people started to self destruct, it was Fu Chen who had sucked out all the explosive blows into the medium to prevent them from harm.
Luckily, the medium was still intact. It would break her heart if something like the eye of the spirit spring was destroyed.
But still…
Feng Ruqing looked around at the empty space, her face gradually changing.
“Where are the herbs?”
Why have all her herbs vanished without a sign?
Even the Grade-4 and -5 herbs that she had picked from faraway lands were missing!
“Um…” Fu Chen saw Feng Ruqing’s darkened face. “I… Qing Han and I ate them.”
Feng Ruqing’s darkened face suddenly turned into a smile.
Fu Chen and Qing Han grew even more terrified as they saw her smile.
“So which one of you told me that once you are full, you won’t eat again?”
She had entered the medium twice before but she was not overly aware of the herbs. This time around, she was checking if her items were damaged by the impact and was checking out her herbs as well.
It was then she found out that the grove that was previously brimming with spirit herbs that she had planted were all but empty, the herbs were gone without a trace.